Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am still here...

What have I been up to...well putting lots of miles on my Traverse. A few days last week as many as 80! It all sounded so easy on paper, but once you combine it all...add in laundry, dinner, being a fly lady, and taking care of a baby, reading, homework, piano practice, etc...

I have to go to the bus stop 3 times a day. Mind you the bus stop is at least 7 minutes from my house, so going there and back takes at least 1/2 hour out of my day each time. If, I mean when I go to town everyday, it is 20 minutes each way and so even the simpliest "quick trip" takes an hour.

We also have preschool, dance (two times), soccer practice (two times), soccer games, gymnastics, piano lessons, and activity days. Busy does not even describe it.

The casualties of all this "Super Soccer Mom" stuff, my coupon blog. I love to coupon, and I love to blog (I also have a personal blog). However the culmination of the two (dealsbydawn) is taking a backseat right now. I still plan on keeping up with my Rite Aid Recap, my $5 Food Storage series, and some deals. For right now though, if I don't get the store matchups posted...just assume I am at a soccer game or piano lesson and just being mom. Thanks for reading and understanding.

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