Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 31

So my little organizing/cleaning experiment is over, or just getting started. I have made real progress. Here is what has improved,

*My dishes situation, I am always caught up now and my sink is shining still!
*Laundry, for the most part I have been doing way better on staying caught up on laundry!
*Getting up and dressed early
*Making my bed in the am

Here are the things I am going to work on next...

*My control journal, I broke down and ordered one because I think it will help me keep on track better. (There are also 19 baby steps for the control journal).
*Doing the 15 minutes of declutter everyday.
*Progressing to the Zones!

I think and my husband would agree that progress has been made. I am very proud of myself! I am flying. Thanks for reading all of these crazy posts! Did you learn anything, did you implement anything into your routine? From time to time I will give you an update, but the daily posts are done for now. :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 30

Check your calendar, do you have any birthdays coming up. Well, as a matter of fact fly lady...I do my daughter Lexi is turning 8 this Friday! Fly lady wants us to write down birthdays coming up and get cards/gifts for them. Already on top of it on this one.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 29

Day 29, which also happens to be the first day of school and's been a rough few days and this fly lady needs to back in "control" of things. Anyway, today's idea was to pamper yourself and the challenge was to spend some time in one of your hobbies. That hobby for me is reading. I love to read and never seem to find the time to do it. I did recently read The Help and it reminded me how much I love reading. What is your pamper time hobby?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 28

Eat good food, drink water, and get good rest. Working on this too...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 27

What's for dinner? (Beef, it what's for dinner). This is totally not my creation, but I wish it was. Planning what your doing for dinner before six is a great tool for avoiding the "witching hour". Once school starts on Monday we are going to implement this. So excited!

Rite Aid Recap

1. Didn't add any rebate money
2. Spent $0 (this was a first for me, the manager had to approve the transaction)
3. Retail amount to date: $1972.30
4. Earned $2 in + UPs and will submit for Lysol rebate
5. Amount spent out of pocket in 2011: $278.38

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 26

Today's message...don't worry if you miss a day or two (which consequently happened with all the craziness of getting ready for back to school), just keep going and read the end of any fly lady email, which says...

You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Albertsons 8/24-8/30

Here are my favorite Albertsons deals:

In ad coupon deals:
*Dole Salads $1.68
*Albertsons Frozen Veggies or Popsicle Novelties 99 cents
*Ball Park Franks $1.99, use 0.75/1 from 8/7 RP=$1.24
*Ken's Salad Dressing 99 cents, use $1/1 from 8/14 SS=FREE!
*Pasta Roni, Rice-a-Roni, or Albertsons Pasta 88 cents
*Crest Toothpaste or Oral-B Cavity Defense Toothbrush 99 cents, use 0.75/1 (coupon for both) from the 7/31 P&G=24 cents

*Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99/lb
*Peaches or Nectarines 88 cents/lb
*Minute Maid Ades $1
*Frigo String Cheese $3.49, use 0.55/1 from 8/21 SS=$2.94
*Ortega Taco Shells $2.39, use $1/1 from 6/26 SS=$1.39
*Watermelon 49 cents/lb
*Crystal Geyser gallon water $1 (food storage item!)
*Sobe Lifewater $1, (I have gotten 0.50/1 catalina coupons on these recently)
*Duncan Hines Brownies/Cake/Frosting $1.25, use buy 2 get free brownie mix from 6/5 SS

*Buy 10 save $3 instantly on Fuze, Powerade, vitaminwater, or Honest Tea. Look for $1/2 on Honest Tea and 0.75/2 Powerade tearpads in the store=as low as 20 cents each!

*Buy 1 Velveeta Cheesy skillets $1.79, (use $1/1 from 8/21 SS) get $1 off meat catalina=79 cents for Skillet kit and $1 off meat
*Free Water when you buy 4 Fiber One Bars/Brownies or Nature Valley Granola Bars/Thins priced at $2.99 (not the greatest prices)
*Spend $12 on participating Nestle products, get $4 catalina. Best bet, buy 4 Dreyers (priced at $3, use 2 $1/2 from 6/12 SS=as low as $1.50 each
*Buy 4 Crunch 'n Munch or David Sunflower Seeds get $1 cat=75 cents each
*Buy 4 Chef Boyardee or Banquet Meals get $1 cat, use 0.50/2 from Sept All You=as low as 50 cents each
*Buy 4 Hunts Tomatoes or Rosarita Refried Beans get $1 cat=75 cents each
*Buy 4 Hunts Snack Packs get $1 cat, use 0.45/3 from 8/7 SS=64 cents each
*Buy 4 Hunts BBQ, Ketchup, or Gulden's Mustard get $1 cat=75 cents each
*Buy 4 Hunts Pasta Sauce or Blue Bonnet Margarine get $1 cat=75 cents each
*Buy 4 Manwich or Ro-tel Tomatoes get $1 cat=75 cents eac
*Buy 2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter ($2.49 each) get $1 cat, use 0.50/1 from Sept All You=as low as $1.49 each

*This post is part of the grocery gathering and the deal scoop for Albertsons in Oregon.

Fly Lady: Day 25

Today was an advice and encouragement day. Getting everything in your routine down is a process. Give yourself a gold star if you completed your morning routine. Well, I did it, not exactly sure it was still morning when I was one of those days, but it is a process right?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 24

Today's we are introduced to the Swipe and Swish, which means to wipe down the counter tops and swish the toilet so it is ready for company. Another quick and easy thing that I love. I also love Lysol Wipes and they will come in very handy here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 23

Set your afternoon schedule. Basically this means after school until bedtime. The "witching" hour as it is commonly referred to. This is my worst time of the day, trying to get dinner done, tired baby, bored gets crazy. I am still waiting on finding whether or not my Kindergartener will be in morning or afternoon Kindergarten, so I can set my schedule for after school lessons/activities. It will be busy! Hopefully with dinner planning and the quiet time in the afternoon with only my younger two (who both still nap!, maybe I will even get to sneak one in sometime) will give me the stamina to survive until "the most wonderful time of the day" BEDTIME. (Yes, we actually call it this at our house and it is 8 pm!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

$5 Food Storage: Week 13

This week's item is 100 ct bottle of vitamins.

*Best deal this week is Rite Aid where most vitamins are Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Some vitamins may even qualify for a bonus + Up, (spend $20 get $5 + UP). I will try to get to Rite Aid tomorrow and scout out the best deals.

Fly Lady: Day 22

Where is your control journal?

A control journal is where you write down your routines and how you keep on track. You know I love lists and writing stuff down. There is another baby step series for getting your control journal put together. I think I will start that one after I finish the baby steps. One thing I like about it, is that is has an emergency preparation section. I also love how Monday-Friday is your work days, Saturday is family fun day, and Sunday is renew your spirit day.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rite Aid 8/21-8/27

Here are my favorite deals this week:

*Stopain Pain Relieving Gel $5
$5 SCR

*Max-Freeze Pain Relievers $6.99
Get $6.99 + UP
*Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer $1
Get $1 +Up

*Mead Composition books 3 for $1.98
Get $1 + Up on 3
=33 cents each!

*Buy 1 get 2 Free Rite Aid Brand boxed envelopes, pencils or tape

*Trident Gum $1
Use $2/3 from 7/24 SS
Stack with 0.50/1 from video values (Layers)
=17 cents each

*No Nonsense B1G1 50% off
Use $1.50 from video values
Get $2 + UP on 2

*Lots of B1G1 Free Vitamin deals
Most of these also correspond with the spend $20 get $5 + UP on vitamins deal

*Boiron Arnicare Gel $6.99
Get $6 + Up
=99 cents

*Stopain Analgesic Spray $7.99
Get $7 + UP
=99 cents

*NatuRelief $5.99
Get $5 + UP
=99 cents

*Calm Forte Sleep Aid $3.99
Get $3 + UP
=99 cents

*Act Mouthrinse $4.49
Use $1/1 from 8/21 SS
Stack with $1 video values
Get $1 + Up
Also counts toward to $5 + Up when you purchase $25 worth of oral care products

*Crest Complete $2.99
Use 0.75/1 from 7/31 P&G
Get $2 + Up
=24 cents
Also counts towards oral care + UP
and counts towards spend $25 on Crest/Oral B/Scope get $5 SCR

*Gerber Baby Food, Snacks, and Juice B3 Get 4th Free

*Buy Tugaboo Jumbo Pack, get free baby wipes

*Pampers Big Box $21.99 (not a good price, but if you are at 20% wellness it will ring up at $19.99)
Use $2/1 from 7/31 P&g
Get $3 + Up
=as low as $14.99

*Lysol Wipes 2 for $4
Use $1/2 from 8/7 SS
Stack with $1 from July and August video values
Submit for free wipes rebate (must buy 3)
=33 cents each when you buy 3

*Huggies $9.99
Use $1.50/1 from 8/14 SS
Part of Spend $30 get $10 + UP (must buy small filler, $2.50 items)

*This post is part of the grocery gathering and the deal scoop for Rite Aid.

Fly Lady: Day 21

Today's task is to read the daily question and answers from fly lady. There is a ton of "reading" to fly lady. I love though how other people's ideas and experiences can help motivate you! When you do something with a support crowd, even if it is an "online" group of friends you have never met, you get a boost of strength. Don't believe me, go post something on fly lady's facebook page and wait for the encouragement. I hope you are motivated to improve and continue flying.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 20

Remember the days in college, where you could do laundry once a month and be good...well those days are long gone! For those of you that read my blog regularly, you know the trouble I had getting this washer and dryer set (4 months...but I totally LOVE them!) and then the 30 days I went without water. Anyway, my point in after hauling the 7-10 loads I do weekly to my mother-in-laws house. I now like to keep up on laundry! I have been doing the fly lady's trick of 1-2 loads of laundry each day. Starting early in the am when you get up and making sure those loads are sorted, washed, dried, folded, and put away! When you do a couple of loads a day it doesn't pile up and become overwhelming. Love this tip!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 19

Read the testimonial. Okay, love you fly lady, but I am sick of reading today (after I read the testimonial) I am making my own challenge.
I am going to spend 15 minutes on each room (take a 15 minute break every hour) and keep going until I am done. Surprizingly, it shouldn't take all day because I have been keeping up pretty well. We will see though. Is your timer set...ready, set, go!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rite Aid Recap

1. Didn't add any rebate money
2. Spent 79 cents out of my rebate envelope
3. Retail amount to date: $1953.75
4. Earned $2 in +Ups (still have some left over too)
5. Amount spent out of pocket in 2011: $278.38

Fly Lady: Day 18

Day 18, write fly lady's 11 commandments down. How are you doing? I found myself some cleaning shoes. What do you think? Click on over to read the 11 commandments

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All for Free!

After sales, promotions, coupons, and catalina. Everything above was free!

$55.50 worth of free merchandise!

Fly Lady: Day 17

Choose a specific bedtime and stick to it.
I have been going to bed way too has something to do with the house finally being quiet, me enjoying my down time, and one of my favorite shows that is on "after dark". With all that being said, my new bedtime is going to be 11:00. That may have to start after schools starts though, now guarantees.
By the way does anyone know why on the East Coast and West Coast it is the 11 o'clock news and everywhere else it is the 10 o'clock news. I much prefer 10 o'clock because then if I want to watch Jay Leno, I am not up past midnight.

Albertsons 8/17-8/23

Remember this is the last week to cash in/stack your giveaway coupons. I hope they are making lots of donuts! Pretty good week, here are my favorite deals.

In ad coupons:
*Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Trix 3 for $5, use $1/3 from 8/7 GM=$1.33 each
*Albertsons Chunk or Shredded Cheese $2.19, stack with giveaway coupons
*homelife Papertowels or Roll tissue $4.99
*Albertsons French Fries, Potato Rounds or Hash Browns 3 for $5, stack with giveaway coupons
*Hawaii's Own Juice 88 cents
*Hormel Bacon $4.99
*Franz Bread 3 for $5, use $1/1=67 cents each!
*Free Bar S Hot Dogs when you buy Albertsons Singles and 2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, stack with 0.40/2 from 8/7 GM
*Save $4/2 Gold Fish Bulk

*Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack $4.99, look for peelies on product for $2/1 Kool Aid Jammers

*Buy 2 Dole Salad Blends get free strawberries with in store coupon
*Buy 10 Knorr Rice or Pasta Side Dish ($1 each) get free 8 piece Dark Friend or Grilled Chicken or Rotisserie Chicken for 99 cents, stack giveaway coupons for Rotisserie chicken
*Get a $5/$25 coupons when you sign up for Albertsons email link here. Also tell friends and get an additional coupon for each friend that registers.
*Buy 2 Malt-O-Meal Cereals get 2 free Better Oats Oatmeal
*Buy 2 7-up, Sunkist, or A&W 12 packs (2 for $9), get free Snapple 64 oz bottle
*Buy 3 lbs or more of Albertsons Ribeye Steak and get a free 5 pack of Corn instantly, stack giveaway coupons for Ribeye steak
*Save $5 Instantly when you buy 10 participating product (price listed after discount)
1. Klondike or Popsicles $2.49, stack with giveaway coupons (Popsicles)
2. Ragu 99 cents, stack with $1/2 from 7/31 RP=49 cents each
3. Propel 50 cents
4. Best Foods Mayo $2.99, use 0.25/1 from 7/31 RP or look for $1/2 peelies=$2.49 each. Bonus catalina of $2 when you buy 2
5. Breyers or Ben & Jerrys $2.99
6. Wishbone Salad Dressing 99 cents, use $1/2 from 7/31 RP=49 cents each
7. Kraft BBQ sauce 79 cents, stack with giveaway coupons, also look for $2/1 Country Time Lemonade Peelies
8. Skippy Peanut Butter $1.49, use $1/2 from 7/31 RP or look for $1/2 peelies=99 cents each, this is also a food storage item!
9. Ocean Spray Juice $1.99
10. Bertolli Pasta Sauce $2.49
11. Hershey's Package Chocolates $2.49
12. Dove or Caress Bar Soap $2.49
13. Shedd's Country Crock $2.99
14. Knorr Homestyle Stock $3.49
15. Arrowhead Spring Water $3.50
16. Fiber One Bars $3.99
17. Nature Valley Granola Bars $3.99, use 0.75/2 from 8/7 GM
18. Purex 3 in 1 or detergent $3.99, use 0.50/1 from 8/7 RP

*Spend $20 on Participating P&G Products, get $5 catalina. Honestly nothing is jumping out as a fabulous price on this promo.
*Buy 1 Gain 50 oz detergent one 2 other Gain items get $3 catalina, use various coupons from 8/14 RP

Albertsons Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway Matchups
*Vitamin Water 88 cents, use 3 to get it for 13 cents
*Albertsons Lunchment $3.49
*Fresh Tomatoes on the Vine $1.99
*Equaline Antacid $3.50
*Equaline Alcohol 89 cents, use 3 to get it for 14 cents
*Sweet Baby Ray's $1.50
*Albertsons Olive Oil $4.99
*homelife Trash Bags $5.89
*Albertsons Pickles $1.49
*Albertsons Picante Sauce $1.99
*Albertsons Butter Quarters $3.79
*Albertsons Apple Juice $2.79

Other regular prices that might score you some free or cheap deals.
*Baby Basic Wipes $2.69
*Shopper Value Oil $4.29
*homelife Bleach $1.89
*homelife Dish Detergent $2.49
*homelife Foil $2.79
*homelife Plastic Wrap $2.49
*homelife Fabric Sheets $3.19
*homelife Tissues $1
*homelife Laundry Soap $3.49
*homelife Dishwasher Detergent $3.99
*homelife Paper Towels $1.79
*homelife Utinsels $1.49
*homelife Cups $1.50
*homelife Sandwich Bags $1.59
*Skintimate Shaving Gel $3.19, stack with 0.55/1 from 7/24 SS
*Neosporin $5.29, stack with $1.50/2 (bandaids and neosporin) from 7/31 SS
*Amp $1.50, use 6 coupons to get it free
*Band-aids $2.99, stack wtih $1.50/2 (bandaids and neosporin) from 7/31 SS
*Degree $4.39 (look for twin packs), use $1/1 from 7/31 RP, bonus catalina of $4 when you buy 4 or more through 8/22
*Dove Shampoo $5.49, use Buy 1 get free treatment from 7/31 RP
*Edge Shave Gel $3.19, use 0.55/1 from 7/24 SS
*Tropicana, check your email for $2/1 from juicy rewards
*Albertsons Canned Tomatoes $1
*Albertsons Ketchup $1.79
*Donuts 79 cents, use 3 to get it for 4 cents (like you need more donuts)
*Albertsons BBQ $1.79
*Albertsons Pancake Mix $2.99
*Albertsons Applesauce $1.89
*Albertsons Frozen Veggies $1.49
*Albertsons Soup $2.19
*Albertsons Sweet Corn $1.39
*Albertsons Relish $1.79
*Albertsons Texas Toast $2.69
*Albertsons White Grapes $1.99/lb this week
*Albertsons Cottage Cheese $2.29
*Albertsons Sour Cream $1.99 (look for peelies)

*This deal is part of the grocery gathering and the deal scoop for Albertsons in Oregon.

*HOT* Albertsons stacking Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway Coupons!

I only won the $2 prize in the Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway game...but I really won in the coupon part. Albertsons is letting you stack these coupons until an item is free (no overage). Here is my haul: *Homelife Cups $1.50, used 6 coupons=free!
*Homelife tissues $1, used 4 coupons=free!
*Albertsons Pudding Cups $1, used 4 coupons=free!
*Albertsons Pasta $1, used 4 coupons=free!
*Equaline Rubbing Alcohol $1, used 4 coupons=free!
*Albertsons Relish $1.79, used 7 coupons=4 cents!
*Homelife Spoons/Forks $1.49 each, used 7 coupons=24 cents each!
*Albertsons Marshmallows $1.59, used 4 coupons=59 cents!
*Homelife Sandwich Bags $1.59, used 4 coupons=59 cents!
*Tyson Anytizers $2.50, used 5 coupons=$1.25
*Albertsons Pizza $2.50, used 4 coupons=$1.50

Retail Total $18.45, paid only $4.45! Thanks Albertsons I love this!

*Make sure your cashier checks to see if they are scanning off. She may have to add the total and then subtract it from your bill in one discount.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 16

Today was to read an email from flylady. Okay, aren't we already doing this? That's okay, I am way behind on laundry from our weekend away and I have a sick child, so I'll take it.

$5 Food Storage: Week 12

Another week that we can stay under $5!

This week's item is 4 cans mushroom soup

The best price is 50 cents each for store brand Fred Meyer, total $2!

It might be a good week to make sure you are updated on previous weeks, check back here to make sure you are caught up!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 15

Today's challenge is to make your bed and do it as soon as you get up...which may or may have happened. By the way, my bed is my favorite piece of furniture!
By the way, I have created a clean fest at my house. My daughter recently organized her art shelf and wanted me to "blog" about it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 14

I have used calendars and planners faithfully since middle school. I honestly can't imagine life without them. Today's challenge is to read an article on using calendars. There is great power in writing stuff down to insue organization. Above is my favorite calendar because it a weekly calendar that has plenty of space to write down daily activities. Plus is has tear out lists, stickers, and pockets. I have used this for several years and it is my favorite.

What is all this fly lady stuff, read here.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 13

Today's challenge is to do a Kelly mission to start working in the zones. This is another thing I love about fly lady. Working on certain areas of your house each day and deep cleaning a little part of it, so you are not overwhelmed. Today I choose my fridge before and
after. I guess grocery shopping would be the next logical step. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 12

Delete your fly lady emails. Check, I love to delete emails! By the way, if you are getting a massive amount of emails from fly lady, make sure to check your account and only sign up for the ones you want (like the daily newsletter).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 11

Add an inspirational page to your journal. Write down your favorite tips and encouragements.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Albertsons 8/10-8/16

. Anyone else have a Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway Hangover? I seriously opened hundreds of tickets yesterday. I just kept rolling the instant win tickets...and collecting coupons because...

3 different cashiers told me yesterday that you can STACK the 25 cents coupons on 1 ITEM until the item is FREE! Now of course, I have no official clarification on this, but I am going to try it soon. It doesn't hurt to ask at your store. If so, this means for many cheap or even free items for me!

Best deals I see:

*$5.99 Farm Fresh Chicken Breasts with in ad coupon
*$1.99 Mini Watermelons
*50 cents Propel
*69 cents Albertsons Diced Chilies


*Buy 2 Lays Kettle Chips, get $2 worth of produce free
*Buy Jamba Juice Smoothies, get Albertsons Frozen Apple Juice free
*Save $2 Instantly when you buy $10 worth of Tillamook products

Sizzlin Summer Giveaway Coupon Matchups:
*Albertsons Pasta $1
*Tyson Anytizers $2.50 (stack with $1/1 from 8/7 SS)
*Albertsons Pizza $2.50
*Albertsons Waffles $1.99
*Albertsons BBQ Sauce $1.79
*Albertsons Mustard $1.99
*Homelife Storage Bags $2.49
*Albertsons Hot Dog Buns $1.25
*Albertsons Marshmallows $1.59, also use in ad store coupon, save $1 when you buy Albertsons Marshmallow, Albertsons Graham Crackers, and Hershey's Candy Bar 6 pack

*Spend $12 of Nestle Ice Cream products and get $4 cat
Best Bet Dreyer's Ice Cream $3, use $1/2 from 6/12 SS

*Buy any 10 participating General Mills Products get $5 cat and 25 Bonus Box Tops

This post is part of the grocery gathering and the deal scoop for Albertsons in Oregon.

Adventures in Shopping...Train Diego

We have lots of toys at our house...

but Train Diego is my son's favorite.

He goes everywhere with him, sleeps with him, and takes baths with him. Unfortunately this means he gets misplaced a lot. Last Tuesday, we lost him when we were out running errands. I knew he was either at preschool, the car, or Ross. Preschool couldn't find him and after several searches he didn't turn up in the car either. My husband went to Ross to try and find him and couldn't. My son was distraught and was just crying and crying. Every time he would stop, someone, (guess who) would remind him that Train Diego was lost. I was about ready to buy a new one (he only comes in the $50 train set).
Then on Friday, I went shopping at Ross. I threw in some shoes that I had been eyeing on Tuesday when we were there (without trying them on). When I got home and was modeling my purchases...guess what was inside my new shoes! TRAIN DIEGO.

My little boy must have put him in the shoes, then I put the shoes back. If you have ever shopped at Ross, you know it is pretty amazing that something is still there after three days! So everyone is happy and Train Diego got to go shopping again today, but Mom kept a much better eye on him.

*This story is a true experience and an exert from my personal blog.

Fly Lady: Day 10

You can do anything for 15 minutes! I have been using the 15 minute timer trick for years. I love to know that I only have to tackle something for 15 minutes and then move on. I am pretty effecient in short bursts like that. Today's challenge was get a trash bag and fill it for 15 minutes. I cheated a little and did my car instead of the house, but after a few day trips last weekend, it needed it bad. After the 15 minutes is up the next task is to relax with your feet up for 15 minutes. I am especially good at that part.

What is all this fly lady stuff, read today's challenge here

Rite Aid Recap

I messed up on this transaction and forgot to give my Kleenex coupons (gasp...), so it turned out higher than I thought, still some good deals though.

1. Didn't add any rebate money
2. Spent $41.05 out of pocket
3. $1935
4. Earned $12 in + Ups, $3 SCR, plus some towards my Kimberly Clark and Glam Camp Rebates
5. Amount spent out of pocket in 2011: $278.38

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 9

Declutter a place for 5 minutes. Okay, this probably took longer than 5 minutes (more like 10) but I did organize my coupon cupboard. I am aiming to do a cupboard/drawer/shelf at a time in my kitchen.

To read more about today's challenge, go Here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 8

Make a list of your morning and evening routines... Gotta love me a list! There is nothing better than writing stuff down and crossing it off.

Fly Lady: Day 7

Starting your bedtime routine...lay your clothes out the night before. This step makes a difference, especially when you have multiple kids to get ready in a short amount of time. One week in now. Are you still shining your sink?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rite Aid Recap

Love me some cheap tape!

1. Added $20 to my rebate envelope
2. Spent $5.60 out of my cash envelope
3. Retail amount to date: $1850.91
4. Earned $1 in + Up and $3 in SCR
5. Amount spent out of pocket in 2011: $237.33

Fly Lady: Day 6

Hit a Hot Spot. I love this one! Set your timer for two minutes and clean an area of constant clutter.
After, and yes that only took 2 minutes!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 5

Write down what you hear...turn negative thoughts into positive. I do know and use the power of writing things down, I am a list maker, a blogger. I have never tried this before though. Not quite convinced. However, my house is sparkling clean and dishes and laundry have been caught up all week. Something must be working.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Huggies Rewards!

Are you collecting Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Point? You should be because look what I got for free with my points! Check out list of points here and start collecting. They are also on Huggies diapers, wipes, and other products. By the way, you don't need a child in diapers to collect points. You can also redeem them for sweepstakes entries and gift cards. Thanks, Huggies!

Fly Lady: Day 4

Write it down

Really Fly Lady...a post it note. Doesn't that verge on tacky and cluttered! Anyway, it is up, I am up and dressed, messages read, sink shining!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Albertsons 8/3-8/9

This is the last week of the Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway. Have you won anything yet? This week they are giving out TRIPLE tickets, so good luck. I have yet to win anything other than free donuts and free dog food.

In ad store coupons:

*$1/2 Tropicana Pure Premium

*$1/1 Gatorade or G2 Sports Drinks

*$1/2 Gatorade All Star Sports Drinks

In ad manufacturer's coupons:

*$2/2 Pepsi Soft Drinks

*$2 on produce when you buy 2 Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal or Instant (priced at $3 each, look for peelies on the oatmeal)

*$1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch

*$1/2 McCormick Grill Mates Spices

*$1/2 Hershey's Syrup

*$1/4 Libby's Veggies

*$1/2 Aquafina Water 24 packs (look for free Propel Zero powder tearpad coupons when you buy Aquafina)

*Buy One Get One Free Roast
*Buy One Get One Free Chicken Breasts
*Buy One Get One Free Dole Salad Blends
*Buy One Get One Free Doritos
*Pepsi 2 liter Soft Drinks $1

*Buy Rio on DVD or Blu-Ray, get Free Hawaiian Punch and Free Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies
*Buy any 6 participating Kelloggs/Keebler product, price is $1.88 each:

-Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Froot Loops, use 2 $1/3 from 7/24 RP=$1.54 each when you buy 6 (these are the large boxes too!)
-Pop Tarts or Pop Tart Mini Crisps, use 2 $1/3 from 7/24 RP=$1.54 each when you buy 6
-Cinnabon Bars, Kelloggs Fruit Snacks
-Keebler Granola Fudge Bars, use 6 0.75/1 from 7/10 RP=$1.13 each when you buy 6
-Kelloggs Nutri Grain Bars
-Rice Krisipie Treats
-Keebler Crackers, use 2 $1/3 printable at (must register)=$1.54 when you buy 6
-Keebler EL Fudge or Fudge Shoppe Cookies


*P&G Promotion, spend $20 on participating products get $5 catalina.

I don't see any spectacular prices, however, there are lots of coupons for these items in the 7/31 P&G. Pay attention to this deal though:

*Pampers Double Dip Promo

1) Spend $25 on Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers get $5 catalina.
2) Spent $20 on participating P&G products get $5 catalina (Pampers Big Pack included)

Buy 1 Pampers Big Pack $19.99
Buy 1 Pampers Jumbo Pack probably $9.99
Buy 1 can Pringles $1.50
(You have now filled the requirements of both catalinas)

Use 2 $2/1 from P&G 7/31
Pay $27.48
Get back $10 in catalinas
=$17.48 for a big pack and a jumbo pack, plus some Pringles!
*I have not tested this, but I am going to try it ASAP and let you know if it works.

*This post is part of the grocery gathering and the deal scoop for Albertsons in Oregon.

Fly Lady: Day 3

Sign up for emails and the Big Tent Blink.

I actually have been doing for a long time and following them on facebook, now I actually need to read them better. One thing about Fly Lady, they send out a ton of emails, so make sure you are only signed up for what interests you. I just get the daily newsletter. I know that ding from my iPhone between 10-11 pm in the fly lady. :)

Which reminds me, I am on a lot of email lists because of free samples, coupons, and sweepstakes. (All of which I am addicted to...). I might spend part of my day today deleting some emails and removing me from email lists (about 15 I will probably clean out my fridge. I love a plan.

So far I am...keeping my sink clean, getting dressed and ready in the early am, and reading the Big Tent Blink.

*If you are wondering what fly lady is and what I am doing go here and follow the baby steps with me.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

$5 Food Storage: Week 11

This week's items are:

10 lbs Sugar

1 box salt

Best price for sugar:

Sherms: $5.59 for 10 lbs

Best price for salt:

Walmart 38 cents

*These items will go on great sales when it gets closer to baking and holiday season in November and December.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 2

Get dressed and ready, first thing in the morning, right down to the shoes.

I have trouble with this also. I usually don't wear makeup or really do my hair if I am just at home cleaning all day, but I see the principal. I have to admit when I am all ready for the day, I feel better and I am happier. I am sure that rubs off on my attitude and productivity. I am not sure about the shoes though...I hate wearing shoes in the house. Plus cleaning in shoes, that is just not comfy. I will take my fuzzy socks.

So day 2, check. My sink is still shiny too.

Fly Lady: Day 1

Shine your sink. This basically means, keep up on your dishes, so your sink is empty and sparkly! This is really hard for me, it seems like I always have a sink full of dishes. When we built our house, I wanted to put a dishwasher in the island as well. Everyone thought I was crazy or kidding, I wasn't either. I don't have two and most days I wish I did. It seems like I always have pots and pans that I would love to run a second load for. Anyway shine your sink and keep up on dishes.
My sink before...
and after.

My veggie prep sink after. Did you shine your sink yet?

Overwhelmed and bored...

Another stay at home mom recently said to me..."Don't you feel like all you ever do is laundry and clean?" Well, yes that is a huge chunk of my day and quite frankly most of the time and I overwhelmed and bored by it all. It is a vicious cycle, I start out I get overwhelmed, then quit, then I am bored with the monotony, then overwhelmed again...I am sure if you are a mom you understand that.

So today, I am changing my attitude about things, a lot of things. We have a break from swimming, soccer, and all the hustle. I am going to catch up and change some habits. There is so much on my list, potty training, deep cleaning things, organizing closets and dressers, laundry, shopping, catching up on my blogging, reading with the kids, piano practice, better scripture study, starting a habit of family prayer, organizing a coupon class?, planning something fun for Greg's birthday and our anniversary, a "new" project :), I am getting overwhelmed and bored again.
Anyway, for starters I have got to get this 3300+ square foot house under control. I am implementing for help. I have been reading and doing a few things from fly lady for awhile. A few things I like:
  • 15 minute timed sessions on rooms (and then move on...and come back if needed)
  • 1-2 loads of laundry per day (from sorting to putting away)
  • working on "zones" of your house each week (eventually getting to deep cleaning and organizing things)
  • after time, an hour a day and your house will be kept up
  • starting slow and building habits

I am going to document my journey of the baby steps, each day...hopefully that will keep me motivated. Are you with me?