Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventures in Shopping...Train Diego

We have lots of toys at our house...

but Train Diego is my son's favorite.

He goes everywhere with him, sleeps with him, and takes baths with him. Unfortunately this means he gets misplaced a lot. Last Tuesday, we lost him when we were out running errands. I knew he was either at preschool, the car, or Ross. Preschool couldn't find him and after several searches he didn't turn up in the car either. My husband went to Ross to try and find him and couldn't. My son was distraught and was just crying and crying. Every time he would stop, someone, (guess who) would remind him that Train Diego was lost. I was about ready to buy a new one (he only comes in the $50 train set).
Then on Friday, I went shopping at Ross. I threw in some shoes that I had been eyeing on Tuesday when we were there (without trying them on). When I got home and was modeling my purchases...guess what was inside my new shoes! TRAIN DIEGO.

My little boy must have put him in the shoes, then I put the shoes back. If you have ever shopped at Ross, you know it is pretty amazing that something is still there after three days! So everyone is happy and Train Diego got to go shopping again today, but Mom kept a much better eye on him.

*This story is a true experience and an exert from my personal blog.

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