Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rite Aid 1/31-2/6

A couple of things to remember this week, a $5/25 coupon is on If you have already printed it though, it won't let you print again. BUT...the video values coupons will be reset on February 1 so you can earn a new $5/20 coupon and new product coupons. (The ones in the matchups below are January's, so print them before Monday!) Also, don't forget to keep collecting those Game of Life tickets.


  • AMO Complete Multipurpose Solution or Blink Gel Tears $7.99, get $7.99 SCR, $2 coupon on Blink Tears in 1/31 RP,=free for AMO or $2 money maker for Blink Tears Update: $2 coupon for AMO complete in RP too, so either one you choose is a $2 money maker!

  • Colgate Total $2.99, $2 SCR, use $1 coupon from 1/17 SS

  • Chex Mix 99 cents, use $1/2 from 11/15 GM and $1/2 video values for 2 FREE bags


  • Viva Paper Towels, 8 pack, $6.49, use $1 coupon from Nov. All You=$5.49 BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • Dawn dish soap 88 cents, use 0.25 from 12/27 PG=63 cents BONUS TICKET ITEM UPDATE: The Hand Renewal variety is included, there was a $1 coupon from a recent HomeMade Simple (P&G mailer). You will get 12 cents of overage! (Thanks Nicole!)

  • Garnier shampoo, conditioners, or stylers 2 for $5, use $1 coupon from 1/10 SS, stack with $1 video values coupon=0.50! BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • Lays chips B1G1 free use $1 video values coupon BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • Planters nuts B1G1 free use$1/2 from 1/24 SS BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • Cheez-it crackers 2 for $3, use $1/2 from 12/13 RP=$1 each BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • 7-up 3 for $1.99 with in ad coupon BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • Hershey's kisses $2.50, use $1 video values coupon=$1.50
  • Update: Pieces candy (Reese's, York, Almond Joy, or Special Dark) $2.50, use $1 coupon from 1/31 SS=$1.50 BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Update: Keebler Club Crackers $1.99, use $1 coupon from 1/31 Parade Magazine=0.99!

*Don't forget the Grab the Gold SCR, spend $25 on select P&G products get a $5 Visa Reward Card, spend $50 get $15, spend $100, get $35. Rebate continues through 2/13. I am not seeing a lot of good matchups for this rebate this week. Hopefully, next week's ad will have more good P&G deals.

*This post is part of the grocery gathering at for Rite Aid. Click on over for other matchups.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pampers New Diapers

I really don't like to repost things that have been on every other blog. I know you know about the 3 pack sample that is good today only by now. Thanks to Laura from my dallas mommy for the heads up.

Anyway, I am posting this because Pampers is doing this because they are relaunching their newly designed Cruisers line. babycheapskate has all the details as to why. This is great for us couponers though. A new line will mean new high value coupons, new sales, new samples, and promos. Keep your eyes open for these new diapers and deals come March. There will probably also be great clearance deals on the "old" Cruisers.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rite Aid Recap

Oh, how I love to use Rite Aid as my ___mart! I got some things I really needed for a $18.40 after rebates. Not the greatest SCR week, but I got 11 game pieces, one of which was an instant winner for 2 more game pieces. Yes, I think I am addicted to trying to win the Game of Life :) Have you won anything? I would love to know. Now on to the recap,

  1. No new rebates to add, they better come soon!
  2. Spent $22.05
  3. Retail amount to date: $234.15
  4. Amount spent out of pocket in 2010: $52.04

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miss America Recipes

Tired of all the football games and nachos? Here is a fun change! The Miss America Pageant will air on TLC on Saturday at 8:00 pm, check your local listings. The fun part is over at, each contestant has listed her favorite recipe. They are regional and fun, like Oregon's is Hot Crab Dip and Utah's is Orange Jello, lol :) Click on over and find something yummy to make for Saturday's big show!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Albertsons 1/27-2/2: Go Early, Go Often

Awesome week!
Quaker Deal: Buy in Multiples of 5 and each item is only $1. Mix or Match. I am imagining that they are VERY well stocked, but if you get there and what you want is gone, request a rain check.
  • Cap'n Crunch, Life, Oatmeal Squares
  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars and Dipps , use $1/2 or $1/2 from 1/3 RP
  • Quaker Breakfast Cookies and Instant Oatmeal for oatmeal use $1/1 or $1/1 (hurry and print 2 of each for 4 FREE boxes)
  • Quaker Pancake Mix, Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix for Aunt Jemima use $1/2 from 1/3 RP

When you buy 5 of either of these products, they are only $1.40 each

  • Aunt Jemima Syrup, use $1/2 from 1/3 RP
  • Quaker Oats canister

Orville Redenbacher Deal: Buy One Orville Redenbacher's Gourment Popping Corn at $3.19, get another popcorn and 2 two liters of A&W or Sunkist for FREE. Look for in-store coupon!

Arrowhead Water 2 for $7, catalina deal Buy 2 get $2, buy 3 get $3, buy 4 or more get $5

Other deals:

  • Welch's Juice Cocktail $1.99, use $1 from 12/13 SS= 99 cents
  • All Detergent $3.49, use $2/1 or $3/2, or $1/1 from 1/3 RP
  • Darigold Milk Singles $1, use B1G1 from 1/24 SS= 2 for $1

Unilever Coupons: manu coupons, cannot stack :(

  • Ragu $1 each when you buy 2
  • Best Foods Mayo, $2 each when you buy 2
  • Bertolli Pasta Sauce $2 each when you buy 2
  • Bertolli Frozen Meal $4.99 with coupon
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter $1 each when you buy 2
  • Wish Bone Salad Dressings $1 each when you buy 2
  • Skippy Peanut Butter $1 each when you buy 2
  • Klondike bars or sandwiches $2 each when you buy 2
  • Breyer's Ice Cream $2 each when you buy 2
  • Suave lotion, Vaseline lotion, or Q-tips, $2 each when you buy 2
  • Suave shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or deodorant $1 each when you buy 2

This post is part of the Grocery Gathering at Please click over for more deals and matchups.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deals of the week

Fred Meyer:

In ad coupons for
  • Tree Top Apple Juice 3 for $5 limit 9
  • Kraft Shredded Cheese 4 for $5, limit 8, stack with $1/2 from or today's SS
  • Suave shampoo 0r conditioner 88 cents, stack with $1/2 from 1/17 SS=76 cents for 2!
  • Fred Meyer canned tomatoes of beans 2 for $1
  • Fred Meyer Butter 3 for $5
  • Fred Meyer 18 pack eggs 2 for $4

*Also all Apparel and Home Clearance an additional 50% off.


$1 deals

  • Staples stickie notes 12 pack
  • Scotch Magic tape
  • Pilot Frixion highlighters
  • Zebra z-grip retractable ballpoint pens
  • Hammer Mill copy plus paper (after instant savings and easy rebate)
  • Staples photo paper (after easy rebate)

*Staples brights color paper only $3 after easy rebate, limit 2. Art supplies for the kids!

Rite Aid 1/24-1/30

This post is part of the grocery gathering at for Rite Aid. There is a $5/25 that seems to be working well, even if it is a pdf format. You can also use video values to earn coupons, including a $5/20 one. This week is the start of a new SCR month, so be sure to enter all your receipts and request your check. Also, remember to continue to collect game tickets for the Game of Life Sweepstakes game. This week is a little slower with the SCR, but the month of February looks great, so some really good weeks ahead!
  • Maybelline 40% off, $2 SCR on mascara, use $1 coupon from 1/10 RP and $1 from video values BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Edge gel $2 for 4, $1 SCR on 2, use 2 of 0.75 from 1/10 SS=$1.50 for 2
  • Halls buy one get one free, in ad coupon
  • Airborne $4.99, $2 SCR, use $1 from 1/17 SS=$1.99
  • Pledge spray or wipes $2.99, use $1=$1.99
  • Cadbury eggs 2/$1, use 0.50/2 video values coupon=2 for 0.50
  • Glad trash bags $3.99, use 0.50 video values coupon=$3.49
  • Lays chips 2 for $6, use $1 video values coupon=$2 for one bag BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Cottonelle wipes $1.99, use 0.50/2 from 12/13 SS BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • 7-UP 3 for $2.99 with in ad coupon BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Electrosol, $1.50 SCR this month, you can still use your $2.50 coupon until 1/31, plus use $1 video value coupon as well.
  • Rite Aid apple juice $1.66, use 0.25 coupon from game of life.
  • Rite Aid hand sanitizer $2, use $2 off any Rite Aid item priced $2 or more from game of life (check your stash!)

Grab the Gold Promo, spend $25 get $5 Visa Rewards Card, spend $50 get $15 card, spend $100 get $35 card. Promo runs now through 2/13/2010. Purchases can be made over several transactions and totals are before coupons and rebates.

  • Olay bar soaps 2 for $5, use 2 of the $1 from 1/17 PG=2 for $3
  • Cascade $2.99, use 0.50 from 12/27 PG=$2.49
  • Dawn Dish Soap $2.99, use 0.25 from 12/27 PG=$2.74 BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Pampers Big Box $19.99, use $2 from 12/27 PG=$17.99
  • Bounty $1.99, use 0.25 from 12/27 PG BONUS TICKET ITEM

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Upcoming Albertsons Catalinas

Went to Albertsons and got some info on upcoming catalina deals,

  1. Buy any Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods (Crescents, Cookies, Sweet Rolls, Grands Biscuits, Grands Cinnamon Rolls, Pie Crusts, Dinner Rolls, Loaves, Breadsticks, or Pizza Crust) Between 1/25 and 2/21 Buy 4 get $2, buy 5 get $3, buy 6 get $4 cat for your next order. AND
  2. Purchase any Old El Paso Taco Shells, Dinner Kits, Seasoning, Refried Beans, or Heat & Serve Side Dishes Between 1/25 and 2/21 buy 3 get $1 coupon for beef or chicken on your next purchase, buy 6 get $3 coupon for beef or chicken on your next purchase. The Refried Beans are part of the Spend $20 save $5 instantly through Tuesday priced at $1 each. So on Monday and Tuesday you can spend $6 on Refried Beans and $14 on something else, instantly save $5 and get a $3 meat coupon. It should be pretty easy to find some meat for around $3 too!

Rite Aid Recap

This week's totals to ad to my Rite Aid Recap:
  1. Didn't add any rebates to my funds, but expecting some soon.
  2. Spent $54.38 (Did the Rogaine deal, so it got expensive)
  3. Retail amount to date: $182.32
  4. Amount spend out of pocket for 2010: $29.99 for Rogaine

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Food for Thought: Deal or No Deal

I like to look at my grocery store to see if there are any cheap juices. Usually I can find some up to 75% off because they will expire in a couple of days. On Tuesday, I bought this juice for 99 cents and thought I got a good deal. It said "natural energy" on it, but I figured it just must be some kind of vitamins added. Anyway, I bought it home and for dinner we all had a glass. Wednesday morning my husband and I were both complained how hard it was to get to sleep. I then realized the kids also took longer than usual to settle down for bed. Later that day, I looked at the juice bottle more closely and it contained "25 mg of natural caffeine per serving"! Mystery solved, I might have well served my kids Coke for dinner. We never have caffeine at our house, so you can see how it affected us. I will be reading labels more closely on new products. I would have to say: No Deal! My sleep is worth way more than a good deal!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Store Secrets: Kmart K'Ching

Remember when I told you about Kmart Shop Your Rewards Card here. Well, if you still haven't gotten yours, I recommend doing it this week. Why, because Kmart has 3X rewards points (3%) on all clearance apparel. Not only this, but clearance apparel is marked down an extra 40%. I went to my Kmart and there was not one or two clearance racks, but almost the ENTIRE children's section was clearance! Great time to stock up on necessities or get a start on next year's winter clothes.

Also at Kmart yesterday, I got a K'Ching reward! They scanned my card and this big notice came up on the register screen. The cashier yelled to the manager, "We have another winner!" She also pushed this red button that made lights and siren noises. I am thinking wow, I must have won something awesome! When my receipt finished printing, I got a coupon for "Free Dental Floss." Now don't get me wrong free is always good, but I thought it was comical that they had all the fanfare for dental floss, lol. I like this new K'Ching thing though. I mean when has the Wal ever given you "free" anything. :)

If you want to check out Kmart this week, please check out Bargain Briana. She is a great Kmart shoppers and deal finder. Also, she has just launched her frugal map which highlights frugal blogs in every state to help you find deals near you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Albertsons 1/20-1/26

This post is part of the grocery gathering at for Albertsons in Oregon. Click on over for more matchups and deal scenarios. Overall is it a much better week at Albertsons, great week if we get doubles on Sunday, but for now:

In ad coupons:

  • Ground Beef $1.88/lb (limit 10 lbs)
  • Fresh Express Complete Salad $1.88 (limit 2)-Excellent price, these kits include toppings and dressing.
  • Albertsons White or Wheat Bread 98 cents (limit 4)


  • Campbell's Chunky Soup 99 cent (first 6), use $1.50/3 or $1/3 (4 of each coupon)
  • Old Orchard Apple or Apple Juice Blends frozen 99 cents
  • Soft Scrub Cleanser $2.49 use various coupons here or sign up for the Soft Scrub Club to get a B1G1 free coupon via email link.
  • Purex detergent $2.49, use $1 from RP 1/10

General Mills Promotion: Spend $20 and save $5 instantly (automatically subtracted off your bill). The best part is that you can do more than one in one transaction. Ex: spend $40, save $10, spend $60, save $15, etc... It might be a good time to use that milk coupon. Also save those boxtops!

$1 items:

  • Betty Crocker Potatoes use $1 coupon here for free potatoes! or 0.35 from 12/13 GM
  • Betty Crocker Hamburger/Chicken/Tuna helper $1/3 coupon on betty and boxtops (see links below) or 0.75/3 from 1/3 SS
  • Green Giant Veggies (can)
  • Betty Crocker Frosting, 0.50 coupon from smart
  • Old El Paso Refried Beans
  • Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce

3 for $5 ($1.67 each)

  • Progresso Soups, use $1/3 coupon from or 0.50/2 from 12/6 SS, 0.50/2 from 1/3 GM, 0.50/2 or $1/4 from 1/17 SS
  • Old El Paso Taco Shells

2 for $4 ($2 each)

  • Betty Crocker Cake Mix
  • Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with sauce
  • Betty Crocker Cookie mix, use$1/2 from or boxtops or 0.40 from 12/13 GM
  • Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $1/2 on box tops and or $1/1 or 0.55/2 from 1/3 GM
  • Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, coupons at bettycrocker,,, and box tops or 0.50/2 from 1/3 GM Extra Promo: Buy General Mills Fruit Shapes, Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, or Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stickerz and save up to $3.50 on your next shopping order. Purchase between 12/28-01/24
    Buy (3) & Get $1.50 OYNO
    Buy (4) & Get $2.50 OYNO
    Buy (5) or more and get $3.50 OYNO

2 for $5 ($2.50)

  • General Mills Cereal (many varieties) 0.55 off Cheerios on or $1/3 from 1/3 GM
  • General Mills Snack bars (including Nature Valley) coupons for Nature Valley at,, and box tops. Extra Promo: Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars and save up to $3.50 off your next shopping order. Purchase between 12/28/09 – 1/24/10
    Buy (3) & Get $1.50
    Buy (4) & Get $2.50
    Buy (5 or more) & Get $3.50
  • Chex Mix, Bugles, or Gardettos, chex mix on all web sites and 0.50/2 from 12/13 GM
  • Betty Crocker Brownies, coupons on betty and box tops
  • Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, use 0.40 from 12/13 GM

Links:, others on side bar. Happy shopping!

Why I coupon

If I had bought this all at retail, it would have cost $134.72, but I used coupons, sales, and rebates and so I paid only $56.66 for all of this. That is a savings of 58%! Plus, I will get back $3.50 in SCRs and I got a $5 catalina. A couple of really good deals I wanted to share.

  • Albertons: Buy 5 Breakstone/Knudsen (name will very depending on location) Cottage Doubles and get a $5 catalina. Some stores have these priced at only $1, mine they were $1.29, but after you factor in the cat, it is like getting 5 for the price of 1. This is part of the Kraft catalina promotion, Buy 5 Kraft products get a $5 catalina through 1/24. Sale price through today.

  • Rite Aid: The Finish deal just got better. There is a $1 coupon for Finish on video values and the regular price is $6.49. Use $2.50 coupon from 1/3 SS, use $1 video value coupon (you can stack these and they both scan without any problem) and get a $2.50 SCR. That means you pay just 49 cents for a 20 count box. Limit 1 rebate.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More milk coupons

Have you been entering the Great Milk Giveaway contest for a chance to win a years worth of milk? Remember you can enter daily here. They just released another coupon too for a Free Gallon of White Milk when you spend $100. (This should be before coupons total). After you enter the link will pop up, it is a bricks coupon, so you can print it twice.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rite Aid 1/17-1/23

There is a $5/25 coupon floating around the blogosphere. This is a PDF file and may not be accepted, so be aware. Also check out (side bar), they have one on their sidebar, if you haven't already printed it twice. You can also head over to video values and earn your $5/20 coupon. Lastly, don't forget about the Game of Life Sweepstakes. Has anyone won anything yet?


  • Bayer aspirin $1.99, Use $2 video value coupon


  • Luden's Cough Drop 0.99, use 0.25 coupon from Game of Life Sweeps coupons BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • Opti Free, save $3 with in ad coupon, stack with $2 coupon from 1/17 SS

  • Rogaine 3 pack $39.99, $10 SCR $5 coupon in Feb. All You (if we get it in time) BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • Hormel Chili $1.25, use with 0.50 coupon from video values BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • Ziplocs bags $1.99, use with $1/2 from 1/10 SS, if you buy three submit for $5 SC Johnson rebate

  • Huggies wipes refill $5.99, use with 0.50 from 1/17 SS, or 0.75 coupon on (side bar)

  • Pampers wipes refil $5.99, use with 0.50 from 12/27 P&G

Grab the Gold SCR:

Purchase P&G products and get a Visa Reward Card, Buy $25 get $5; Buy $50 get $15, Buy $100 get $35. Remember these totals are before coupons and rebates, so it is pretty easy to get to $100. Also you have until 2/13 to do it. Your products can be in numerous transactions, so watch for sales, coupons, matchups and SCRs. There is a P&G insert on 1/17 too. This week's deals (whole front page of ad), the ones I like:

  • Buy Venus Razor Cartridge, get Satin Care Shave Gel free, use with $3 coupon from 1/17 P&G UPDATE: now that I have my ad and coupons in front of me, it appears that the coupon will not match up, sorry for the confusion.

  • Always or Tampax $6.99, get $2 SCR, use with Buy 36-60 count get 18-20 count free from 12/27 P&G (for Tampax only) BONUS TICKET ITEM

  • DayQuil or Nyquil $3.99, use $1 SCR, use with $2 coupon from 1/17 P&G BONUS TICKET ITEM

Other good deal:

  • Last week to get Finish $2.50 SCR, combine with $2.50 coupon from 1/3 SS for some cheap dish detergent. My Rite Aid has this for $6.99, so you can get it for $1.99

Deals by Dawn is a contributor to the Grocery Gathering. For more Rite Aid matchups please check out becentsable's grocery gathering.

Rite Aid Recap

I am keeping a total of my Rolled Rite Aid Rebates. Here are this week's totals:
  1. Added: $51.27 to my funds from Dec. SCR and SC Johnson rebate.
  2. Spent $36.45 (one of my BIG coupons didn't come off right, even though he entered it right) :(
  3. Retail amount to date: $71.25
  4. Amount spend out of my pocket in 2010: $0

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Food For Thought: Coupon Suzy?

I was watching TV yesterday and saw this commercial for I was excited for a new online coupon site, until I went there and it redirected me to Huh? I don't understand this marketing tool. I also went to and they had the exact same coupons. It also kept track of the ones I had already printed on Why do you think couponsuzy even exists? I am confused!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Store Secrets: Huggies and Pampers

Okay, this isn't about a store and it's not really a secret, but do you know what I love, "rewards" just for buying products I already need and buy. Huggies and Pampers both fall into this category.

  • Huggies, first off have box tops, but second they have codes for the Enjoy the Rides sweepstakes. You can enter these codes for a chance to win prizes, both big and small.

  • Pampers have Gift to Grow point codes in each package. They can be used to redeem prizes (also some big some small). You do have to pay shipping, but during special promotion times, they even waive that (like right now!). I have got a Legos set and a couple of DVDs for my kids for just a few dollars shipping in the past.

Freebies 4 mom (sidebar) also updates special codes that are released to everyone. Don't forget to sign up at both sites to receive coupons, free samples, and other offers based on your child's age. The links for all the baby mailing lists are here, scroll to bottom. Also be sure to update if you move.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Albertsons 1/13-1/19

Not the greatest week ever, but there are a few good deals. Be sure to check out the deals and matchups at the Grocery Gathering over at
  1. Tillamook Chunk Cheese $3.99 with in ad coupon, limit 1

  2. Kellogg's Cereals, Rice Krispies Treats, Pop Tarts, Cinnabon, and Fruit Snacks $1.59 each with in ad coupon (limit 8) Coupons: $1 off Rice Krispie Treats and Cinnabon at (sidebar), $1/2 on various cereals from 12/13 RP, also numerous coupons found in package inserts so check your stash!

  3. Hot, Lean or Croissant Pockets $1.39 with in ad coupon, limit 8, use with $1/3 from 10/25 SS

Lots of 10 for $10 deals (Remember everything is $1, you don't have to buy in intervals of 10)

My favorites:

  • Fresh Express Salad, Cole Slaw, or Shredded Lettuce

  • Oscar Meyer Lunchables

  • Bar S Franks, $1/2 coupon

  • Minute Maid Lime or Pink Lemonade

  • Scott towel

  • homelife Foil

  • Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, use 0.35 from 1/3 SS

  • Farm Stand Baby-cut carrots

  • Gatorade, use 0.50 or $1/2 (on G2) from 1/10 RP

Other deals:

  • Rotel 88 cents, use $1/4 from Dec All You

  • Hunts tomatoes 88 cents, use $1/4 from Dec All You

Personally, I prefer to use my coupons on some of these products when they are matched up with a catalina deal, but it is always a gamble to wait. It is up to you and take Kenny Roger's advice: (it totally applies to coupons)

You got to know when to hold them, know when to use them

Know when to walk away and know when to run (to the store)

You never count on your cats when you sitting in the line,

There will be time enough for bragging when the dealings done!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Milk coupon and sweepstakes

I just found a sweepstakes hosted by "Got Milk?". It is for free milk for a year and there are 120 winners! What a great prize. You can enter daily through 2/8/2010 here. Also, for your first entry they will email you a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk when you buy 2 gallons of milk (what mom doesn't buy two gallons of milk every time she goes to the store...). What a great freebie! Thanks to freebies 4 mom! By the way, freebies 4 mom is one of my favorite and daily read blogs, check it out!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Staples' New Year's Resolution must have been to have more easy rebates and freebies because they have another set this week. First a few clarifications, Staples has two programs Staples Rewards and Easy Rebates.
  • Staples Rewards go automatically onto your account and you get a "coupon" to spend at Staples for that amount. These purchases do not show up on your online account, but they are there and will show up on your coupon. (I just emailed them this week to clarify. This is like the batteries from about a month ago).
  • Easy Rebates you get the money back to you in the form of a check that can be cashed and spent anywhere. You have to enter the information online or via mail. It is still a pretty easy process.
  • Both of these programs require you to pay up front and be reimbursed later, which could be expensive up front. Also watch out for other "must haves" in Staples. Last week, I couldn't pass up Oregon Trail, near the register, and have been trying to win all week. (LOL, I guess I really did get my money's worth out of it...but still it was a impluse buy.)
  • Also, I went on Thursday and they were out of almost everything that was either $1 or free, so you might want to plan your trip early.

On to the deals...

FREE: (After Staples Rewards) Limit 1 per item per household

  • Staples perforated writing pads (6 pack)
  • Bankers Box (6 pack)
  • Staples file folders (50/box)
  • Staples #10 envelopes (100 count)
  • Zebra Sarasa gel pens (5 pack)
  • Staples small binder clips (40 count)

Just FYI the total of these products is $41.95, you will get 100% back, but you have to pay that upfront.

$1 deals (with in ad coupons)

  • Pentel RSVP pens
  • Pentel e-sharp mechanical pencils
  • Staples full strip stapler
  • Staples Accel 1 subject notebook
  • Staples envelopes (photo size)
  • Quartet magnetic dry-erase board
  • BIC Great Erase dry-erase markers
  • Staples glue sticks (4 pack)

Rite Aid 1/10-1/16

Before you start, don't forget to head over to video values to earn coupons and your $5/20 coupon. Also remember to collect your tickets for the game of life sweepstakes.


  • Soft White Longlife Light Bulbs, $2, get $2 SCR BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Contac Cold & Flu, $4.99, get $4.99 SCR
  • Theraflu $4.99, get $3 SCR, use $2 coupon from 12/6 SS


  • Huggies diapers $8.99, get $1 SCR, there is also a coupon for diapers and pullups on video values.
  • Cottonelle wipes, 4-pack, or Viva Towels, $1.49 with in ad coupon
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower cleaner $9.99 with in ad coupon, use $7 printable to get it for $2.99
  • Windex spray or wipes, $1.99 with in ad coupon, use $1 coupon to get either one for $0.99
  • Fantastik spray cleaner, $1.99 with in ad coupon, use 0.75 from 1/17 SS
  • Shout spray, $1.99 with in ad coupon, use 0.55 from 1/17 SS
  • BIC Soleil or Comfort 3 Advance $4.99, use B1G1 free from 1/17 SS to get two for $4.99 BONUS TICKET ITEM

Beauty for All Ages: Separate Rebate in Sunday paper, spend $30, get $10 rebate (form in Sunday paper SS) or here

Rite Aid in ad coupons that qualify for rebate:

  • $1 off Johnson and Johnson Clean and Clear products, stack with either save $2 on Clean and Clear or Get free blackhead eraser refill back when you buy any blackhead eraser from 1/17 SS
  • $1 off Lubriderm Lotion, stack with $2 of any Lubriderm lotion from 1/17 SS
  • $1 off Purpose Skin Care, stack with $2 off any Purpose product from 1/17 SS
  • $1 off ROC products, stack with $3 off any ROC product from 1/17 SS
  • $1 off Aveno body, face or bath care, stack with either $2 off any facial care or $2 off any body care from 1/17 SS
  • Aveno Hair Care $5.99 in an ad coupon, stack with $2.50 Aveno hair care from 1/17 SS

Combine store coupons, manu coupons, rebate, and $5/20 coupon for a nice deal!

This post is part of the grocery gathering at be centsable, click on over for more matchups for Rite Aid.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Big Time

I am now proud to say I am a member of the Grocery Gathering over at Be Welcome Be Centsable readers! This is where I first found the wonderful blogs that showed me the deals in my area, so I am excited to help others. I am a link for Rite Aid and Albertsons. Go on over to be centsable to check out all of the blogs for your favorite national stores or hometown grocery stores (listed by state). You just might find a new favorite blog!

Macy's: One Day Sale 1/8-1/9

Macy's is having a One Day Sale today and tomorrow. Their clearance is marked at an additional 50% off. This will make some things 75% off or more. They should put some winter clothes and Christmas dresses on this rack too, so it is a good time to buy for next year or just stock up on winter clothes. It will be cold and rainy here until about May, so January sales are one of my favorites! Go here to preview the catalog.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rite Aid Recap

This year I am going to keep track of my Rite Aid money and see how much I actually spend out of pocket. I keep all my Rite Aid Rebate money in an envelope that I use to spend at Rite Aid to earn more rebates. I usually end up putting other rebates I get back into that fund too.
So I started the year with $23.55 in cash (previous earned from rebates). I also had a $20 gift of savings rebate. Today I spend $24.11 (before rebates) and used my gift of savings and $4.11 of my cash. I have $19.44 in my envelope with many rebates coming back soon.
If I had paid retail on all my purchases, it would have been $59.25. I am going to keep a running tally of this for the whole year to see how much I would save.
Also just a heads up on The Game of Life Sweepstakes. Your receipt will show you how many game pieces you have earned and then the cashier will hand them out to you. There are game boards right by the register and they are really trying to promote this. Also each game piece comes with 4 markers and one of the two needed markers for the separate cruise sweepstakes. Plus each game ticket has a Rite Aid coupon on it. I got 9 game pieces today and three chances to enter the cruise sweepstakes, plus most of the markers weren't duplicates. I was excited to see so many markers per game pieces. It makes your chances look even better.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Store Secrets: Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Card

It is no secret that I prefer the K to the Wal as far as Marts go, but here is another reason I prefer Kmart. Kmart just released a rewards card, called shop your way rewards. I went to my Kmart and got a card and the details, here are the perks:

  • Earn 1% back in Rewards on all purchases at Kmart, Sears, Lands' End at Sears,,, and

  • Rewards are stored on your card and you have the option of when you want to use them. You can used them every time (that amount comes off your receipt) or save them up and use them towards a bigger purchase. Your cashier will ask you each time if you want to use them.

  • Win great prizes with K'Ching surprises at checkout in Kmart stores (not sure what this is yet).

  • Earn bonus Rewards (example: right now get 2% back on certain items) on promotions

  • Get valuable coupons with your card at Kmart pharmacy

  • Hassle-free returns at stores (shouldn't that already be in place, just asking?)

Basically you can sign up here or in the store. I did in the store so I could have my card faster. Now everytime you shop, just hand over your card and it will keep track of your rewards. 1% may not be much, but it does ad up. Plus if you need to buy something big, it could really help you out.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Albertsons 1/6-1/12

There are doubles this week on the last page of the ad.

In ad coupon deals:

  • Skippy Peanut Butter 99 cents, use with $1/2 from 11/22 RP (expires 1/10)

  • Albertsons Mac & Cheese 39 cents
  • StarKist Tuna 57 cents

  • Aquarius or Albertsons water 2 for $5


  • Albertsons Cheese, Shredded, Chunk or Cream 98 cents each (no limit!)

  • Yoplait Yogurt 40 cents each when you buy 20, use 0.40/6 and 0.50/8 from 1/3 SS

  • Cottonelle 12 pack, $4.99

  • Finish Dish Detergent $3.99, use $2.50 from 1/3 SS

  • Speical K products $2.49, buy 4 get one free, use various $1/2 from 1/3 RP or the B1G1 free printable if you still have it.

Catalina Promo:

Buy $20 get $5 Catalina and 50 Bonus Box Tops (There is a double dipping promo too)

  • $1: Chicken, Tuna, & Hamburger Helper, use $1/2 12/13 SS or $0.75/3 1/3 SS

  • $1: Progresso Vegetable Soups, use $1/4 or 0.50/2 from 1/3 SS

  • $1.88: General Mills Cereal, use$1/3 from 12/13 SS or $1/3 from 1/3 SS

  • $1.88: Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, use $0.50/2 from 1/3 SS

  • Double Dipping Promo: Buy General Mills Fruit Shapes, Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, or Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stickerz and save up to $3.50 on your next shopping order. Purchase between 12/28-01/24
    Buy (3) & Get $1.50 OYNO
    Buy (4) & Get $2.50 OYNO
    Buy (5) or more and get $3.50 OYNO

  • $1.39: Progresso Soups (all other varieties) use $1/4 or 0.50/2 from 1/3 SS

  • $1.99: Betty Crocker Warm Delights

  • $1.99: Betty Crocker Cookie Mix use 0.40/1 from 12/13 SS

  • $1.99: Bisquick Shake 'n Pour

  • $2.49: Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, use $0.35/1 from 1/3 SS

  • $2.49: Fiber One bars: use $0.40/1 from 1/3 SS

  • $2.49: Chex Mix Bars

  • $2.49: Nature Valley Nut Clusters, use $0.50/1 from 1/3 SS
  • Double Dipping Promo: Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars and save up to $3.50 off your next shopping order. Purchase between 12/28/09 – 1/24/10
    Buy (3) & Get $1.50
    Buy (4) & Get $2.50
    Buy (5 or more) & Get $3.50

  • $1.29: Green Giant Boil in Bag Veggies

  • $1.49: Yoplait Yo Plus: use $1/1 from 1/3 SS

  • $1.49: Green Valley Steamers

  • $3.99: Cascadian Farm Cereal

  • $2.99: Bisquick

  • $2.99 Fiber One Frozen Muffins, use $1/1 from 1/3 SS

Scenario: Buy 5 Fruit Snacks 5@$1.88=$9.40
Buy 5 Nature Valley Nut Clusters 5@ $2.49=$12.45

Spend $21.85, get back $12 in catalinas, plus the box tops, combine with coupons to score and even better deal!

Also go to Betty Crocker and Smart Source and and box tops for even more high value printables on just about every item above! Combine with doubles and both catalina promos, you should be able to score some great deals!

This post is part of the Becentsable Grocery Gathering for Albertsons. Click on over to find more deals at your favorite stores.

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's my party...

Today is my birthday and although I am not excited about the number...I am excited that I got two great coupons in the mail (and expecting more today). I got $5 off any $25 purchase from Hallmark and 20% of any purchase at Macy's. I am posting this just to let you know that companies really do reward you on your birthday, so don't leave your birthday blank on all those online forms! Now I need to go clean my house for my party!

Fred Meyer deal

Another quick deal from Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer has an in ad coupon for free milk (2% gallon of Fred Meyer milk) when you buy 3 boxes of Special K. Special K is priced at 3 for $6. A few weeks ago, there was a Special K coupon online for B1G1 free (no longer available). Yesterday there was also a $1/2 coupon in the red plum. Anyway, today I did this deal and got 3 boxes of cereal and milk for $4! A great deal for me since Special K Red Berries is my favorite cereal!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rite Aid 1/3-1/9

It is going to be a great year at Rite Aid! Last year they had some financial trouble, but two sign show me things are looking up! 1) I was gone for a week and in that time my Rite Aid got a brand new sign! 2) They are having a sweepstakes with over $5,000,000 in prizes, including 900,000 instant prizes! You know I don't need another reason to shop there, but now I have another one, the Game of Life Sweepstakes. Basically, you get a game ticket every time you shop and you get a bonus ticket for purchasing special items. Collect the numbered markers and win prizes. There is everything from $250,000 for your mortgage, to a Infiniti G37 Convertible, to cash (various amounts), to Rite Aid gift cards. With that many prizes I would think everyone could get some prize. Complete list of prizes here, complete rules here, and download your game board here. Let me know if you win anything! Now on to this week's deals:

  • Reveal Light Bulbs $2/4, SCR $2 on $2, Use 2 $1 coupons from 1/3 SS or use $1/2 coupon here BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Nivea Lip Treatment B1G1 Free, Use B1G1 Free coupon from 1/3 RP BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Stayfree pads B1G1 Free, use B1G1 Free coupon from 1/3 RP
  • Listerene $3.50, $3 SCR, use $0.50 coupon from 1/3 RP
  • 3 two liters of 7-up products for $1.99 with in ad coupon BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Cottonelle 12 pack $6.49 BONUS TICKET ITEM
  • Powerade $5/5, $1 SCR on 5 BONUS TICKET ITEM

Don't forget to earn your video values $5/20 coupon at ad perks or check for a $5/25 coupon. Also, please check out Becentsable Grocery Gathering for more Rite Aid deals and matchups.

Reasons to go to...

Fred Meyer:

  • In ad coupon for Huggies Big Pack Diapers $17.99, can stack with a manufacturer's coupon.
  • Instant Quaker Oatmeal $1.88/box


  • Double coupon in paper, good through Tuesday
  • Spend $25 get $10 catalina on P&G products, details here


  • New $45 coupons booklet release and available in store. These are mostly manufacturer's coupons that will be good at other stores. UPDATE, they are KMart coupons only, but still good ones. There is also a flu/cold coupons book with $10 worth of coupons, but it is all manufacturer's.
  • Join shopyourway rewards program. Get 1-2% percent back on qualifying products. Go here for more details or to sign up. I am going to investigate this more at my KMart this week.

Staples: Running low on school supplies, lots of $1 deals (limit 2 of each item):

  • Westcott scissors
  • Staples 1 subject notebooks
  • Staples composition books
  • Staples envelopes
  • BIC mechanical pencils
  • Staples writing pads
  • Quartet dry-erase markers
  • $1 after easy rebate: HammerMill CopyPlus paper and Staples Photo paper (limit 2 rebates of each offer)
  • Free after easy rebate: Scotch pop-up tape dispenser, Pentel Hyper G gel pens, (must submit info online for rebate, similiar to Rite Aid)
  • Free with Staples Rewards (automatically done) Avery binders (limit 4)

Rite Aid:

  • Seriously, do you need another reason to shop at Rite Aid? How about a sweepstakes? Read my Rite Aid post above!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

HGTV Sweepstakes!

I love HGTV and real estate, so this is one of my favorite sweeps. Now and everyday through February 19, 2010 you can enter to win a HOUSE! Not just any house though, a $2 million house (above), plus $500,000 and a 2010 GMC Terrain. How exciting! Now of course I know the odds are not great, but someone has to win. I was one of the top nine in the Century 21 house giveaway, so anything is possible. Go here to enter and for more information. Good luck!

January deals

What goes on sale in January?
  • HDTVs, especially right around the Super Bowl.
  • Also with the Super Bowl, watch for deals on snacking/party foods.
  • Fitness Equipment to help you meet your New Year's Resolution.
  • Christmas paper/decorations (what is left) will be slashed 75-90% at many stores.
  • White Sales: linens, bedding, and towels, Macy's and JCPenney have large sales.

Friday, January 1, 2010

What happens in Mexico...

DOESN'T Stay in Mexico! These coupons and free samples just had to come home with me!

So, I am back from my Mexican cruise after some much needed relaxation, family time, and SUN! Look what was in my stateroom on the cruise, free samples and coupons! Just another reason to look for coupons EVERYWHERE!

I am ready to start the new year and get right back into posting the deals. I will post the deals for Rite Aid on Sunday/Monday and Albertsons on Tuesday. I am sticking with those two stores as they are my absolute favorites!! I am also going to be trying some new blog ideas, so I will let you know when they are ready. Please still ask questions and pass any deals along! Happy New Year!