Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Store Secrets: Kmart K'Ching

Remember when I told you about Kmart Shop Your Rewards Card here. Well, if you still haven't gotten yours, I recommend doing it this week. Why, because Kmart has 3X rewards points (3%) on all clearance apparel. Not only this, but clearance apparel is marked down an extra 40%. I went to my Kmart and there was not one or two clearance racks, but almost the ENTIRE children's section was clearance! Great time to stock up on necessities or get a start on next year's winter clothes.

Also at Kmart yesterday, I got a K'Ching reward! They scanned my card and this big notice came up on the register screen. The cashier yelled to the manager, "We have another winner!" She also pushed this red button that made lights and siren noises. I am thinking wow, I must have won something awesome! When my receipt finished printing, I got a coupon for "Free Dental Floss." Now don't get me wrong free is always good, but I thought it was comical that they had all the fanfare for dental floss, lol. I like this new K'Ching thing though. I mean when has the Wal ever given you "free" anything. :)

If you want to check out Kmart this week, please check out Bargain Briana. She is a great Kmart shoppers and deal finder. Also, she has just launched her frugal map which highlights frugal blogs in every state to help you find deals near you.

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