Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rite Aid Recap

This year I am going to keep track of my Rite Aid money and see how much I actually spend out of pocket. I keep all my Rite Aid Rebate money in an envelope that I use to spend at Rite Aid to earn more rebates. I usually end up putting other rebates I get back into that fund too.
So I started the year with $23.55 in cash (previous earned from rebates). I also had a $20 gift of savings rebate. Today I spend $24.11 (before rebates) and used my gift of savings and $4.11 of my cash. I have $19.44 in my envelope with many rebates coming back soon.
If I had paid retail on all my purchases, it would have been $59.25. I am going to keep a running tally of this for the whole year to see how much I would save.
Also just a heads up on The Game of Life Sweepstakes. Your receipt will show you how many game pieces you have earned and then the cashier will hand them out to you. There are game boards right by the register and they are really trying to promote this. Also each game piece comes with 4 markers and one of the two needed markers for the separate cruise sweepstakes. Plus each game ticket has a Rite Aid coupon on it. I got 9 game pieces today and three chances to enter the cruise sweepstakes, plus most of the markers weren't duplicates. I was excited to see so many markers per game pieces. It makes your chances look even better.

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