Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Food for Thought: Deal or No Deal

I like to look at my grocery store to see if there are any cheap juices. Usually I can find some up to 75% off because they will expire in a couple of days. On Tuesday, I bought this juice for 99 cents and thought I got a good deal. It said "natural energy" on it, but I figured it just must be some kind of vitamins added. Anyway, I bought it home and for dinner we all had a glass. Wednesday morning my husband and I were both complained how hard it was to get to sleep. I then realized the kids also took longer than usual to settle down for bed. Later that day, I looked at the juice bottle more closely and it contained "25 mg of natural caffeine per serving"! Mystery solved, I might have well served my kids Coke for dinner. We never have caffeine at our house, so you can see how it affected us. I will be reading labels more closely on new products. I would have to say: No Deal! My sleep is worth way more than a good deal!

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