Sunday, January 10, 2010


Staples' New Year's Resolution must have been to have more easy rebates and freebies because they have another set this week. First a few clarifications, Staples has two programs Staples Rewards and Easy Rebates.
  • Staples Rewards go automatically onto your account and you get a "coupon" to spend at Staples for that amount. These purchases do not show up on your online account, but they are there and will show up on your coupon. (I just emailed them this week to clarify. This is like the batteries from about a month ago).
  • Easy Rebates you get the money back to you in the form of a check that can be cashed and spent anywhere. You have to enter the information online or via mail. It is still a pretty easy process.
  • Both of these programs require you to pay up front and be reimbursed later, which could be expensive up front. Also watch out for other "must haves" in Staples. Last week, I couldn't pass up Oregon Trail, near the register, and have been trying to win all week. (LOL, I guess I really did get my money's worth out of it...but still it was a impluse buy.)
  • Also, I went on Thursday and they were out of almost everything that was either $1 or free, so you might want to plan your trip early.

On to the deals...

FREE: (After Staples Rewards) Limit 1 per item per household

  • Staples perforated writing pads (6 pack)
  • Bankers Box (6 pack)
  • Staples file folders (50/box)
  • Staples #10 envelopes (100 count)
  • Zebra Sarasa gel pens (5 pack)
  • Staples small binder clips (40 count)

Just FYI the total of these products is $41.95, you will get 100% back, but you have to pay that upfront.

$1 deals (with in ad coupons)

  • Pentel RSVP pens
  • Pentel e-sharp mechanical pencils
  • Staples full strip stapler
  • Staples Accel 1 subject notebook
  • Staples envelopes (photo size)
  • Quartet magnetic dry-erase board
  • BIC Great Erase dry-erase markers
  • Staples glue sticks (4 pack)

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