Wednesday, August 17, 2011

*HOT* Albertsons stacking Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway Coupons!

I only won the $2 prize in the Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway game...but I really won in the coupon part. Albertsons is letting you stack these coupons until an item is free (no overage). Here is my haul: *Homelife Cups $1.50, used 6 coupons=free!
*Homelife tissues $1, used 4 coupons=free!
*Albertsons Pudding Cups $1, used 4 coupons=free!
*Albertsons Pasta $1, used 4 coupons=free!
*Equaline Rubbing Alcohol $1, used 4 coupons=free!
*Albertsons Relish $1.79, used 7 coupons=4 cents!
*Homelife Spoons/Forks $1.49 each, used 7 coupons=24 cents each!
*Albertsons Marshmallows $1.59, used 4 coupons=59 cents!
*Homelife Sandwich Bags $1.59, used 4 coupons=59 cents!
*Tyson Anytizers $2.50, used 5 coupons=$1.25
*Albertsons Pizza $2.50, used 4 coupons=$1.50

Retail Total $18.45, paid only $4.45! Thanks Albertsons I love this!

*Make sure your cashier checks to see if they are scanning off. She may have to add the total and then subtract it from your bill in one discount.

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