Monday, August 1, 2011

Overwhelmed and bored...

Another stay at home mom recently said to me..."Don't you feel like all you ever do is laundry and clean?" Well, yes that is a huge chunk of my day and quite frankly most of the time and I overwhelmed and bored by it all. It is a vicious cycle, I start out I get overwhelmed, then quit, then I am bored with the monotony, then overwhelmed again...I am sure if you are a mom you understand that.

So today, I am changing my attitude about things, a lot of things. We have a break from swimming, soccer, and all the hustle. I am going to catch up and change some habits. There is so much on my list, potty training, deep cleaning things, organizing closets and dressers, laundry, shopping, catching up on my blogging, reading with the kids, piano practice, better scripture study, starting a habit of family prayer, organizing a coupon class?, planning something fun for Greg's birthday and our anniversary, a "new" project :), I am getting overwhelmed and bored again.
Anyway, for starters I have got to get this 3300+ square foot house under control. I am implementing for help. I have been reading and doing a few things from fly lady for awhile. A few things I like:
  • 15 minute timed sessions on rooms (and then move on...and come back if needed)
  • 1-2 loads of laundry per day (from sorting to putting away)
  • working on "zones" of your house each week (eventually getting to deep cleaning and organizing things)
  • after time, an hour a day and your house will be kept up
  • starting slow and building habits

I am going to document my journey of the baby steps, each day...hopefully that will keep me motivated. Are you with me?

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  1. This fly lady thing sounds great! I want to read it and get started. I love to organize stuff, but sometimes need to be reminded to keep it up.

    I love that you are such a good blogger and keep your blogs up (even though it's another thing to do on your list). But just know that your little sis appreciates it and loves you very much! :)