Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fly Lady: Day 31

So my little organizing/cleaning experiment is over, or just getting started. I have made real progress. Here is what has improved,

*My dishes situation, I am always caught up now and my sink is shining still!
*Laundry, for the most part I have been doing way better on staying caught up on laundry!
*Getting up and dressed early
*Making my bed in the am

Here are the things I am going to work on next...

*My control journal, I broke down and ordered one because I think it will help me keep on track better. (There are also 19 baby steps for the control journal).
*Doing the 15 minutes of declutter everyday.
*Progressing to the Zones!

I think and my husband would agree that progress has been made. I am very proud of myself! I am flying. Thanks for reading all of these crazy posts! Did you learn anything, did you implement anything into your routine? From time to time I will give you an update, but the daily posts are done for now. :)

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