Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Full Cup 30 day Challenge

I realize I am a little obsessed with contests right now...I just am little housebound with my newborn, so the computer is my outlet! I found a fun 30 day challenge though over at a full cup.

I have talked before about
a full cup. It is the most comprehensive coupon search site I have found. They also have ads posted and forums with current deals. Right now they are having a 30 day challenge. Every day a new challenge will pop up (today's challenge is to "like" a full cup on facebook). Once you have completed that challenge, you go back and post a comment on that day's forum about it. You can participate in as many or as few challenges as you like. Each day one person will win a AFC tote bag and they will also give away 6 $50 Amazon gift card throughout the challenge. This is also a good way to introduce yourself to a full cup and how it works. Let me know if you plan on participating and if you win something! For all the details,

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