Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rite Aid Recap

I did two transactions, because on the first one I was $7 short to get my Resolutions Rewards. I guess the Wellness discount threw me off because I thought my total was enough. The diapers weren't on any great sale, but we needed them and I get them 20% off with Wellness, plus the qualifies for Resolutions Rewards. It was okay though, because I got some more free toilet paper (limit is 3 now, not 1) and money maker snacks and pens.

Recap from both transactions:

  1. Added $8 from my December SCR
  2. Spent $24.37 from my cash envelope
  3. Retail amount to date: $178.07
  4. Earned $9 in + Ups, plus $20 Resolution Reward
  5. Amount spent out of pocket in 2010: $0

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