Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rite Aid Recap

It was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day for me at Rite Aid...

I finished my 1st transaction, only to notice I was 48 cent short for my Johnson & Johnson + UP (my fault, bad "wellness" math, so I went back another package of Band Aids...) but I was also 2 CENTS short on my Huggies + UP. The diapers rang in at $9.99 instead of $10! I thought it was some glitch on the computer, but it was because my wellness discount (20%) was the better of the two prices! No way around this, I had to buy another item. I love the Wellness discount, but I hate when it messes up my carefully planned transactions.
Anyway, transaction #3. I went back into town later that day (I live 20 minutes out of town, so I have to have a reason to go in). I planned to get Little Swimmers and then the free Juicy Juice (with the coupon in the June All You), but my Rite Aid didn't carry this. While I was actually clipping the above coupon, my 2 year old dumped a whole can of formula on my dining room floor. The mess, the wasted money, AHAHAH! Anyway, I thought I would buy some formula while I was there. Then the computer wouldn't take my formula check! Aggravating shopping trips! So taking that all into is my recap:

  1. Didn't add any rebate money
  2. Spent $43.72 out of pocket :( and $2.53 from my cash envelope
  3. Retail Amount to Date: $1222.20
  4. Earned $22 in + UPs, Plus will submit for Free First Aid Kit
  5. Amount spent out of pocket in 2011: $151.64
Well, I guess some days are like that, even at Rite Aid. :)

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