Wednesday, June 15, 2011

$5 Food Storage (Not really): Week 7

I have no idea how old my list is, but the $5 part does not pertain to this week, sorry. This weeks item is

  • 100 lbs of wheat (per 2 people)

Wheat prices have skyrocketed in the past few years and I suspect they will continue to rise. Some sites have wheat listed as "out of stock". I am not sure holding off is the smart thing, but spend what you can afford. Every little bit will help, lots of sites I have looked at also have "monthly shipment" features, which allow you to get certain food storage items every month with an automatic order and payment schedule. All that being said, I have looked at a lot of food storage sites I have used in the past and here are the best prices:

  • Honeyville Grains $48.99/50 lbs plus shipping

  • BePrepared $46.95/50 lbs, order 4 or more price drops to $39.95, shipping $12

  • Sherms has it in the bulk bins for 69 cents/lb, although it is a limited quantity available and it is not canned.

  • Again if you are LDS, please check with your local bishop's storehouse to get a good price.

Another tip, ask grocery stores for their used 5 gallon buckets, especially at the deli and bakery counters. They may sell cheaply or even give you these buckets. They are great to store wheat and other grains in. You may also wish to buy some gamma lids to seals these buckets and make the contents easier to use.

Anyone have some tips for dry canning wheat, or where to get wheat, buckets, or lids? Please leave a comment.

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