Monday, June 13, 2011

Expo Markers House Party

Friday was House Party day! House Party is one of my favorite "finds" since I began my couponing/freebies journey. The idea is hundreds of household across the country, has a house party with the contents of the kits provided. The gives companies a chance to actually put the products in the hand of consumers to try and the best part, it is all for FREE! There is no selling, pitches, or obligation involved. Afterwords, you simply fill out a small survey, and by small I mean less than 5 minutes. It is a great program and who doesn't like an excuse to have a party. This time we did it a little different since it is finally starting to look like summer around here, I decided we were sick of the house and we went to my favorite park.

The goodies, Expo white boards, two sizes of markers and erasers for all the guests. The best part is these markers are washable. They have already been on my walls, table, and children and it simply wipes off with a little bit of water. I am so glad for that, because I hate marker messes.

It was a fun Friday afternoon in beautiful Oregon. If you would like to apply to host your own house party, head over here.

To read more about my previous experience with house party, please click here.

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