Monday, February 1, 2010

Food Storage Item of the Week

I am going to try and highlight good food storage items once each week. This week of course there is the Quaker oatmeal at $1 each, when you buy in multiples of 5, but I am going to highlight Arrowhead water. Arrowhead water has a catalina deal running at both Fred Meyer and Albertsons through 2/7/2010. Buy 2 get $2, buy 3 get $3, buy 4 get $5. Both stores have the 24 packs priced at 2 for $7 (Albertsons through tomorrow, Fred Meyer through Saturday). There are also two great coupons to go with this deal:

  • Save $1 on 2 24 packs from January All You (Total out of pocket=$4.00 for 2 packs!)

  • Get one free Arrowhead 700 ml 6 pack when you buy any two 24 packs available at (sidebar) (Total out of pocket=$5.00 for two 24 packs and a 6 pack!)

  • Or buy 4 packs, use both coupons and get four 24 packs and a 6 pack for $8!

*My Albertsons was out of stock, but I got a rain check to honor the price for when it comes in.

1 comment:

  1. I've heard this catalina is also good at Smith's for all those Utah shoppers out there.