Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Store Secrets: Rite Aid 101

Here are the secrets to one of my favorite stores! First of all review this post.

Rite Aid has program called Single Check Rebates (SCR). Every month they have rebates on 100+ products. These might be anything from full prices to $1. Each month (close to, but not actually 1st-31st) the release a rebate catalog that lets you know what rebates are available. Usually the rebate is paired with a sale price one week and that is the week you want to buy that item. After you are done shopping, simply sign up for SCR program
here. Then log in and enter three numbers from the top of your receipt. At the end of the month, be sure to request your check. (Only do this when you are done shopping, because you can only do it once per month.) It is that simple, no mail, no UPC codes, no hassle. Rite Aid even emails you the status of your rebates and rebate check! When your check comes, you can cash it and use it anywhere you want! (I usually recycle it back at Rite Aid!)

Other reasons to love Rite Aid
  1. They release $5/$25 coupons on various sites regularly.
  2. Every month they have different video value coupons. You earn these coupons by watching short videos (commercials). They are usually high value coupons that can't be found elsewhere. You can stack them with manufacturer's coupons because they are Rite Aid coupons. Earn 20 points by watching these videos and you can get a $5/$20 coupon. This only takes about 15 minutes.
  3. They allow you to stack Rite Aid coupons (from video values, in ads, and store booklets) with manufacturers. Use both coupons with SCR and you get a lot of free/money makers!
  4. Besides cash rebates, they also frequently have gift packs you can earn with purchases. Some promos will even earn you Rite Aid gift cards. (see current SCR catalog for details)
  5. If after 1 month after it was sent, a check or gift doesn't arrive, their customer service team will send a replacement. All it takes is a simple phone call.
  6. They run lots of sweepstakes, also usually through the SCR catalog.

*If you want to read their coupon policy or watch a video on this, click on over to hip 2 save.

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  1. Yes! Thanks so much. This is wonderful and sounds sooo easy. I can't wait to start and I love the fact that I have a Rite-Aid right down the road. My kids are starting to get sick of going places with me because we are always going to stores so I can get my bargains.