Friday, March 4, 2011

Purex Crystals

I was recently selected as a Purex Insider which means I get to test products and give opinions on Purex. I have long been a fan of the 3 in 1 product, but can no longer use it in my high efficiency washer/dryer. However, the Purex Crystals can work in HE machines. They also naturally based rather than oil based, so they won't decrease:

  • your towels absorb ability
  • children's sleepwear's flame-resistance
  • sports wears wicking effectiveness

I am in the process of reviewing this product and then I will have some high value coupons to share with you. For now click here to get $1/1 coupon link and learn more about the product. This is a new product, so print this coupon and look for sales to pair it with. Remember when new products are released look for high value coupons, sales, and promos to follow shortly.

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