Monday, July 25, 2011

$5 Food Storage Week 10

I think we can actually stay on budget this week! It even coincides with a couple of sales! This week's items are:

  • 4 cans tuna

  • 4 boxes mac & cheese (per 2 people)

The best prices for tuna

  • 3 cans for $1 (Chicken of the Sea) with in ad coupon from Fred Meyer. This is by FAR the lowest price I have seen in awhile.

The best price for mac & cheese

  • Fred Meyer and Albertsons both have store brand on sale for 50 cents/box

  • Costco store brand, 15 boxes for $7.99 (53 cents each)

  • Costco Kraft brand 15 boxes for $11.49 (77 cents each, cheapest if you like Kraft best

  • Sherms Mac & Cheese store brand 44 cents

  • Walmart store brand 36 cents

  • Thru Tuesday, Albertsons also has Kraft 5 box pack on sale for $4.49

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