Friday, July 15, 2011

Rite Aid Recap

I am not a big fan of summer...right now I don't have my 6 hours a week of errands/shopping/deal seeking time that I have during the school year. I will do any shopping with 2 children, a real quick necessary trip with 3, but I refuse to do any with 4! No deal is worth that headache! Therefore, I have been doing a lot less shopping, so I make the most of my trips. Some of the things I bought were because I was at the store and needed them (plus with my 20% Wellness discount this prices are decent). I splurged on the Physicians Formula and Dr. Scholls stuff because I wanted to try them both.

  1. Added $3.99 from a rebate to my envelope

  2. Spent $41.65 out of pocket

  3. Retail Amount to date: $1768.22

  4. Earned $13 in + Ups, plus $4.69 in SCR and $10.95 in mail in rebate

  5. Amount spent out of pocket in 2011: $237.73

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