Monday, July 11, 2011


*This is a partial exert from my personal blog...I share it for two reasons. One, to explain why the posts have been so sporadic lately (especially deal matchups) and two, to emphasize why we need to be prepared with our food storage...especially water.

May 26 started out normal enough, I did laundry and dishes just like every other day. Then my son went to wash his hands and there was no water. I sent Greg (my husband) to fix it, he had determined it was blown control box,(what controls the pump from the well) but had already called the co-op and they were going to gives us a new one since they sometimes..."just go out." So Greg and our contractor worked on it until about 10 pm, but we had water again!

May 27, I got up early to finish some laundry/dishes to get ready for camping trip. Greg took a shower, I started a load of laundry and a load of dishes. About 9 am, I went to wash my water, another blown control box. These boxes run about $800 a piece. The power company was called out to investigate whether or not there were surges or changes in voltage that was causing the boxes to blow. The power company couldn't find anything wrong...and since we were heading into a holiday weekend, nothing much more could be done. They couldn't get a new control box until late Sunday night. In order to distract ourselves (and to have showers...) we went camping as planned (in cabins, let's not get crazy). We stayed the extra day since home would mean no water.

May 29, Sunday. Got home, got the new control box, installed it and within a hour it was blown. Now we are in trouble. Power company, contractor, and co-op guy come out and try to figure out what is wrong. Finally decide to do some tests with the power company, but since it is a holiday weekend...they can't come until Tuesday.

May 31, Tuesday. Power company comes out and sets up tests.

June 2, Thursday. Power company removes test box and read results, nothing wrong and no surges. No one has a clue what is wrong, but it has been a week and the laundry/dishes are sky high.

June 4-5, I finally realize we are in for the long haul...Greg brings not one but two water trucks and buckets, so we can be able to flush toilets. Let's just say pretty girls should never be on latrine duty, ever.

June 6-12 This week passes with frustrating phone calls and little actual progress. The problem cannot be identified therefore the solution cannot be found.

June 15, Wednesday. The original electrician also comes out and cannot find anything wrong with any of the wiring. We also get a surge protector put in, just for precaution.

June 15, Thursday. We have invested thousands of dollars in this system that is less than a year old. We don't want to put in a whole new system and spend more, but this is beyond ridiculous. (Think about it...aside from laundry/dishes/toilets/ do you cook, something that doesn't have to much dirty dishes or take water to cook, my daughter's toilet training is non existent and we have had sick kids, probably due to lack of proper hand is a nightmare! One I would only wish on a few middle school mean girls!)

The solution...they will pull up the well pump. It is down 340 feet, so not a small feat. They will replace the well pump motor and a new control box. No one still knows what happened or if that will even fix it. The worst part...they can have the truck out NEXT THURSDAY! I have a meltdown (well I had have several through this process), but this is the biggie...

Ironically I wake up Friday and feel better. There seems to be an end in sight and we do not have to spend thousands of dollars. I have actually fallen into a routine of baths and laundry at my in-laws, eating crappy frozen food and take out and using paper plates.

June 23, Thursday, Day 29. The pump truck comes and I feel joy! They pull the pump leave a new box and we only have to have an electrician put it in. He makes several suggestions to improve things.

June 24, Friday, Day 30. The electrician sets up the system. I am gone all day with the kids' day camp and running errands for our trip to Utah. I finally get home about 3 and run a load of laundry, and another and another and dishes and showers and FLUSH lots and we STILL HAVE WATER! Oh, Happy Day! I still hold my breath every time I flush, but so far so good!

And finally, my daughter just says it best...

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The moral of the story...I am buying water in the gallon jugs and the 24 case packs whenever they go one sale...because you can never be too prepared. We had several cases of water, but not nearly enough.

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