Monday, March 29, 2010

Albertsons, the catalina machine loved me, the cashier not so much...

Albertsons today,

I got $167.34 worth for $72.14,

plus I got back $10.50 in catalinas, a 10% off coupon on your next purchase, 2 free milk coupons, a 20% off Payless coupon, Bonus Tropicana points (this can be traded for coupons at, and a new catalina coming up, (spend $30 get $10 back on baby products, hoping to get more information on this soon.) All great, right!?!
Except, the cashier put me in a rotten mood! She scrutinized EVERY coupon and wouldn't let me use two on the B1G1 free deals, because "We are not going to pay you to take something." I should have replied, "Oh, yes you do, all the time..." but instead I said, "I use 2 coupons on B1G1 sales all the time, because I am still buying 2 products." She just said, "Well, they shouldn't and we get in trouble." Then gave me the once over like I was a criminal, meanwhile the line of people building behind me is getting antsy....(Hmmm going to have to email corporate and ask what the policy is on this one.) Anyway, I wanted and needed to use my free milk coupons, so I came back in...

but had to deal with the same grouchy checker (she was the only one). Do any of you go shopping in the morning and only the "express" lane is open? Then you use the express lane and then the cashier get all mad because the line backs frustrating! Oh well, $9.98 for all this, plus got back another $5 catalina. At least the catalina machine liked me today, I would have cried if they didn't print out after all that!
The purpose of this story is to tell you about two hidden gems in the Sunday ad. Besides the 3 double coupons...did you notice
  • spend $50 or more and get a 10% off coupon towards your next purchase (offer good through Easter and the coupon is good through April 13)
  • Del Monte Vegetables are 50 cents each, use the $1/5 from 2/7 RP, if you double it you can get 5 cans for 50 cents!
  • Also Crystal Light is on sale for $2, use the $1/1 coupon from the 3/21 SS, if you double it FREE! This is also part of the spend $20 get $5 catalina promo going on right now.


  1. Hey Dawn - Do you live in Boise, because that sounds just like a checker at the Albertsons down the road from me! Ha ha! :)

    Just wanted to let you know that we changed to wordpress and for some reason our old feed doesn't work. So you have to put the feed in your blogroll as this: Lame, yes. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that we HAVE been posting! :) Ha ha!

  2. No, I am in Oregon...those checkers are everywhere though. Thanks for the update, I was wondering about the feed. I have still been checking though. Thanks