Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Food for Thought: Razors vs. Blades

My darling sister Devri, ask me to be on the lookout for razor cartridge deals. It is frustrating! The cartridges are priced so high, that the small coupons barely even seem to make a dent in the price! A couple of weeks ago, you could get a free Schick Quatrim or a Fusion, but the blade packs were like $29.99! (outrageous) I understand that companies basically give razors away hoping you will get hooked on that kind and buy the overpriced blades, but wow. So every time we run out, I find myself buying another razor rather than the blades. This seems "wasteful" to me and I hate that, but I also don't like shelling out so much money when I can get the alternative for free. What do you think? Do you buy the razors and the blades now that you are a deal diva? Please comment, I am very interested.


  1. I have to say that I used to be very loyal to my Venus razor, only buying cartridges but I've totally given up on that now. Once the cartridges are gone on going to start working on my stash of free razors I've picked up. Doesn't make sense to buy a package of cartridges for 8.00 when you can get the same quantity of shaving heads in the package with the handle for 1.00 (or free!). I'm not switching to the disposable ones though, even if they are free.

  2. I use whatever I can get free or dirt cheap, lately it is the Shick Quatro. When there were $4.00/off 1 coupons and they were on sale B1G1F at Walgreens I stocked up on both the cartridges and razors. The regular price was 9.99 but with the sale and coupons I only paid 1.00 for each razor or 4 pack of cartridges. I have a pretty good stash of those and I also have a bunch of disposables I got before I could find better deals and I prefer the real blades to the disposable kind. It is kind of a waste, but I won't pay the insane cost for refill blades anymore.

  3. I'm going to go with the group on this one! Personally, I've never been able to tell much difference between one razor or another, so which ever ones I can get the cheapest, we use!