Monday, March 8, 2010

Rollin' and Chillin'

I am loving all these promos at Albertsons right now. I bought some juice last week and got a $10 Chill coupon... On Saturday, I bought 10 Dreyer's Fruit Bars (these are the BEST popsicles ever!) I used my $10 Chill coupon, my $10 P&G coupon, and my $3.50 fruit snacks coupon. So I spent $6.40 and got back $10 more for the Chill promo.
Today, I got 4 Texas Toasts (another favorite), 6 grape juices, and 5 fruit snacks. I used my $10 Con Agra coupon, and my $10 chill coupon. I spent $2.90, but got back $13.50 in catalinas to roll again! The Chill promo is rumored to run for a few weeks, with different products on sale. The fruit snack catalina runs until 3/22, but the fruit snacks are priced at $1 through Tuesday!

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