Monday, August 16, 2010

Catalina Madness!

I was really going to skip Albertsons this week, but then I realized I had $13 in catalinas that expired today, so off we (3 kids included) went. I only bought 11 things (5 granola, 5 fruit snacks, and the $10 gift card to use my $10 P&G promo coupon) and I got back 12 catalina coupons! There were some good ones too, be on the lookout for these great coupons.
  1. $1 off Lean Cuisine
  2. $1.50 off Gerber Yogurt (don't forget the try me free peelies)
  3. another $1 off Gerber Yogurt
  4. FREE Idahoan mashed potatoes pouch!
  5. 50 cents off Gerber Graduates
  6. $2 off any Personal Wash item (should make for a nice freebie!)
  7. $8 off $80
  8. $2 off Cranberry Raisinets (also should make for a cheap treat!)
  9. my 50 Box Top points
  10. my $3 Cat
  11. my $3.50 Cat
  12. 20% off Payless purchase
So the trip was worth it! I don't understand how sometimes I spend almost $60 and get one or none and other days I spend under $10 and get 10-15 catalinas. By, the way I know the picture is small, I was preventing fraud and also you see why I have a coupon blog and not a photography one!

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