Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Food for Thought

According to the coupon expert Bill (the guy from the Apprentice on Rachel Ray today)...most of the coupons are used by households who make over $75,000 and the least are used by those who make under $25,000. Also of the 400 billion coupons printed only 1% are ever used! Plus set aside just 30 minutes per week to cut coupons/plan your shopping trip and save $6500 per year. Is it worth your time?

It is worth my time, for this week (sorry no pics) I would have spent $195.42 on household and grocery products, but after coupons and rebates, I spent $73.43, or a savings of 63%. Not the best week ever, but anytime I can stay under $75 and save over 50% I consider a success. How did you do?


  1. Dawn, I love your new blog. Thanks for all of the great tips. I've tried to coupon, and sometimes I'm really good, but other times, I pretty much stink at it. Quick question: Is it cheaper to go through Costco for diapers, or is the Rite Aid/Walgreens way the best?

  2. Ashley, that is not a quick question, the quick answer is depends. It is a great question though and I will elaborate in a new post.

  3. I bought diapers at Smiths. I normally don't shop there but you had a link on your other blog for kroger coupons. I checked it out. There was a coupon for kroger diapers for $3 off and you could print the coupon twice. Also found out that the diapers were on sale for $5.96. So I had to two transactions but the cashier was nice to do it for me and so I got two packs of diapers for a little over $6 with tax. I figured it was like paying for one pack vs. two. Great savings and I was so excited.