Monday, September 21, 2009

Deal of the Week

Through Saturday, you can get a great deal on Huggies diapers at Rite Aid. Here is the breakdown. Buy three packs (priced at $11 each) and get a $10 rebate. But...there is an extra rebate program going on right now. Check out the Gift of Saving Promotion. So this diaper purchase, will also qualify you for a additional $5 Rite Aid Gift card. So let's get started, choose your level of expertise.

A) Beginner (no coupons needed)
1) Sign-up at Single Check Rebates (this also signs up you up for the gift of savings)
2) Go to any Rite Aid and purchase any 3 Jumbo packs of Huggies Diapers/Pullups/Goodnites
3) Enter your receipt online on the Single Check Rebate page. An email will be sent to you when your rebate is approved. It will also automatically add your receipt to the gift of savings program.
4) At the end of the rebate period (9/26) request your check.
You spend $33 and get $10 check and $5 gift card back, so you spent $18 on three packs of diapers.

B) Intermediate (with coupons)
1) Sign-up at Single Check Rebates
2) Go to Rite Aid and make your diaper purchase.
Use three Huggies manufacturer coupons that you may have. Here are some links if you need some:
$2 of any Huggies product (you can print this twice)
$2 off overnights (also can print twice)
And a Rite Aid coupon
$5 off $25 purchase at Rite Aid
3) Enter your receipts online.
4)At the end of the rebate period (9/26) request your check.
Spend between $21-24 dollars, depending on coupons, and get back $10 check and $5 gift card, so you spent around $12 for three packs of diapers.

C) Advanced: Repeat steps 1-4 of the intermediate level, then save your receipt and send it with at least two other Huggies diaper receipts to Care Givers Marketplace They will send you a rebate check for $.75 per pack of diapers.
So around $9.75 for three packs of diapers.

* A few things to remember with Rite Aid Rebates. You can do this and most rebates only one time. You also can only request your monthly check once, so make sure all your receipts are entered before you request it. (Make sure you are on the log in page for the Single Check Rebates and not just the Rite Aid log in.) Also the total for the gift of savings program is BEFORE all coupons and rebates, so that means all of the $33 will go towards the program.

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