Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Loss Leader

Tuesday is grocery ad day. I don't know why grocery sales run Wednesday to Tuesday, while superstore and drugstore run Sunday to Saturday, but that is how it is. However, all ads have what is called a "loss leader." The loss leader is the really, really good deal or two that gets you to come in the store. It is usually the largest, (leader) on the front page of the ad. The store might even be losing money on this deal. Thus the title, loss leader. The loss leader gets you through the door in the hopes that you spend more money on other items. The trick is outsmarting the loss leader. Lots of people come in and buy the loss leader item with several other things, but very few people come in and just buy the loss leader or just a few things with it. Have you ever been fooled by the loss leader? Well, now you know another store secret.

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