Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Step #2 Gathering Information

Deals vary a lot depending on the your region, the store, even your cashier's mood...The drugs stores are pretty much the same nationwide. The superstores can vary greatly, especially KMart. Grocery store deals also vary by region. Also the coupons available in the Sunday paper and online vary by region. So how do you keep up on the deals in your area? I recommend reading blogs that post coupon matchup for deals in your specific area. The Grocery Gathering at has both local (grocery store) and national (drug and superstore) blogs that you can read. (Click on the weekly deals section to find the lists.) I recommend finding a few good ones for your favorite stores in your location. I will continue to post EXCELLENT Rite Aid Deals and grocery store deals for the Northwest.

Another blog to read, one of my favorites, is Freebies 4 Mom. This is the blog that actually got me started on my new shopping journey (more on that later). It provides the best (meaning trusted and screened) samples and offers from companies. Signing up for free samples is a great way to get high value coupons and get to try new products.

And last one great deal for you local readers, Fred Meyer has Fred Meyer Instant Oatmeal one sale for $1/box, with in ad coupon. You can pick up an ad at the customer service counter. There is a ten box limit. A great price if your kids like oatmeal like mine do.

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