Monday, September 21, 2009

Step #1: The three rules

If you are looking to learn how to buy coupons off ebay, dumpster dive, steal newspapers, obtain 8 newspaper subscriptions, price match at the register, or any other embarrassing, extreme, or unethical couponing have come to the wrong site. If you are looking to save some money and learn how to be an empowered consumer, stay logged in. You will be a deal diva before you know it!

Why do I coupon? Three main reasons: 1) I like to save money and the rush of a good deal. 2) It helps me build my stockpile of food storage. and 3) It makes shopping a fun game!

So where/how do you start? I am going to go slow and explain as much as I can over several posts. I don't want to overwhelm or confuse anyone. Remember this should be fun. It will take time and a new way of thinking, but it is worth it. Also, don't get discouraged because it gets faster and easier the more you coupon.

So here are three things to remember as you start your new way of shopping.

#1) ALWAYS use a coupon with a sale and/or promotion and/or rebate! If you use a coupon on a regularly priced item, you are going to loose money. For instance, Dawn dishwasher soap, big bottle priced at $4.29, use $.75 coupon pay $3.54. Bargain brand dish soap is regularly priced at $3.29. However the next week, Dawn dish soap may be part of a promotion. Then it is sale priced at $3.79, use $.75 coupon pay $3.04 plus it qualifies you for extra savings on the promotion.

#2) It is OKAY to let a coupon expire. (This is harder than is sounds.) Just because you have a coupon, even a great one, does not mean you have to use it. Using every coupon will end up costing you money.

#3) You DON'T have to hit every deal in town. (Also harder than it sounds.)
This will also end up costing you money. You don't need to drive all over town for the free toothpastes or cheap soup, those sales will pop up again and again. Choose one or two stores to shop at and learn their system and promotions. It will make it much easier for you.

I am not an expert, I just like to share what I have learned and am learning with you. Remember, I am working on these too and your own personal experiences are the best teacher. Good luck and happy shopping.

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