Monday, December 14, 2009

The 12 steps to couponing

Let's review the steps

1. The rules you must obey
A. Always use coupons with a sale
B. It's okay to let coupons expire
C. Don't hit every deal
2. Gather info (read blogs!!)
3. Gather coupons (paper, online, packages, in store, mail, magazines, etc..etc..)
4. Organize your coupons (find a system that works for you)
5. Plan your trip (list and coupon to use)
6. Shop (be vigilant, observant, and polite)
7. Home (look it over, plan your meals)
8. Balance your stockpile (become a storer not a hoarder!)
9. Use rebates
10. Share (what your learned, deals you find with others)
11. Make it a habit (fit your new way of shopping into your schedule)
12. Limit (learn what deals to hit or miss and stay on budget)

I hoped these steps have helped you become a better shopper and couponer. Please take a minute to review them. Don't give up and don't get frustrated. Start slow and simple, you will get it! Remember couponing is like a part time job (10-20 hours/week for me, including blog time). I saved $60 today at the grocery store and it took me about 1 hour to plan. $60 an hour is a pretty nice part time job if you ask me.

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