Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Store Secrets: Superstores

So I was discussing this today on facebook and with friends...this question of the day do you WalMart? (or Kmart or Target, but mostly Walmart) You know when you walk in the store and just aimlessly fill your cart with things you "need." Walmart is the biggest spending trap out there people! After $150 and a visual assault later (you know what I mean, if not click here) you still need to repeat the experience next week. Yes, I used to do this.

Happy to say since I coupon and found the secret of drug stores, I do not. I still go in there, but it is rare and it always has a purpose (such as buying an AllYou mag). I have eliminated my several hundred dollar Walmart expense each month. I even have fuller pantry/bathroom/laundry room cupboards and am spending less. What some freedom to have to spend less time in super stores.

Now of course, I shop at all the time, but it is a totally different experience. Plus, it is a great source of free samples. Be sure and check to see if there are any new ones you need here. They still have the Huggies and Pampers samples if you haven't got them yet.

So I need to know, do you "Walmart"?

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  1. I'll admit, I do visit WalMart, although, I have been visiting less often as of late (I'm proud to say.) I really haven't shrunk my grocery budget yet with couponing, but our pantry and cupboards are full of good stuff, so I forsee a shrinking budget any month now!