Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Store Secrets: Land of No Doubles and other Coupon Injustices

I live in the Pacific Northwest, more specifically Oregon. I have also lived in Utah for most of my life and guess what all of these places are in the "land of no doubles." You know when you see those coupon tv stories where the lady fills her cart and pays like 27 cents, well how does she do it? Two secrets they don't tell you 1)she has like 20 coupons for the same item that happens to be priced so it is free that week and 2)she is going to a store that doubles or triples coupons. Yes some places routinely double or even triple coupons, no extra hassle, no extra coupons. Oh the irony to think I lived in the Midwest for two years as a poor newly wed graduate students and we never knew this. :(

The only time I get double magic is when KMart doubles, which hasn't happened for almost a year ago in the Northwest, or when Albertsons releases their doublers. I hate how you can only use three per transaction though. I am not really a fan of multiple transactions, plus when they did let me do it at Albertsons, they made me feel like I was getting away with something. Triples coupons, never even heard of it!

Another injustice is the price difference and lack of sale items in what is supposed to be a "national" ad...why? Why the unfairness? Aren't Western and Northwestern couponers deserving of the deals? Why do you hear about a great $3 coupon only to find it is $0.75 for your state or zip code? Seems just unfair to me, but maybe there is a reason, I just don't know it, do you?

And what about pulling the Red Plum inserts from the Utah, Idaho, and Nevada papers? Well, at least I can do something about that one. Go here to sign up for the Red Plum via mail. I have to warn you though, I tried this a few months ago and never got anything. However, Oregon still gets the Red Plum inserts in the paper and I did move since then, so probably one of those reasons is why. Which brings me to another injustice, why doesn't the postal service consider coupon mail "forwardable"? I know it is my favorite piece of mail to get, hmmm no love for the couponers.

What injustices have you noticed in your area? Let's vent!

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  1. The only reason I would ever want to move to the mideast is for the doubles. :) One nice thing about the Red Plum inserts (that I just figured out) is that we do get them, they just come with the ads on Tuesdays, and they are for the next week. So the people that get them in the Sunday papers, we have them a few days earlier. The downside to this is you only get 1. No chance to go to pick up a second or third paper if there is a really good coupon in there. And I already vented about the whole Rite Aid different ad thing. Walgreens is like that a lot too. Actually I've given up on Walgreens. I've never been able to score the deals I've read about on the blogs. They never never work!! So I'll stick with Rite Aid and hope we get the good ads.