Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Food For Thought

Actually overhead in the store...

  1. Cashier: "Ma'am do you want your catalina?"

Customer: "No, that's okay."

Cashier: "It is for $1 off a future purchase."

Customer: "No, I don't need it."

*Me thinking, what the...if I hadn't been wresting 2 kids and supervising my daughter trying to do the self checkout, I think I have jumped over and grabbed it!

2. Arrive at Rite Aid, I hear the customer saying, "I always shop at Walgreens because they have Register Rewards."

Cashier (a new one to me): "Oh, we have been in town much longer and we have a much better program." She then walks her over to the SCR catalog and starts to explain it to her. I am thinking, okay good cashier, yeah! Well....

3. About 10 minutes later, with same cashier...Cashier: "Did you buy another one of these because you have three coupons and two products."

Me: "Yes, but 2 are manufacturer's coupons and one is a Rite Aid Video Values coupons, they are stackable."

Cashier: "You aren't listening to me. (yes, she actually said that). Let's try this again. You have 2 products and 3 coupons."

Me: "I know, but you can use three because one is a Rite Aid coupon."

Cashier: "But the other two have your name on them, so I can't accept this one too." She had already, put them in the drawer so she couldn't look again.

Me: (thinking, okay that is a new one). "I have used Rite Aid coupons with manufacturer's all the time. They will scan, there is never a problem. You can ask your manager."

Cashier then just goes on scanning, an item, then the coupon, then an item...totally friendly and chatty, meanwhile a line is building and someone's (maybe mine?) children are getting out of control.

Finally at the end, she just scans it and it goes through. I say politely, "Thank you, I have never had a problem with stacking the video value coupons."

Cashier: "Well, the other two did say your name on them, but I don't care anymore it is not worth arguing over $2!" ... "Oh, look you got lots more +Up rewards! Don't you love it!" (yes, but you are killing it for me!)

Me: stunned....but since I have never seen her before and got my deal and mostly because my son is trying to climb up a display of garden benches...I leave.

Now granted in every other way she was friendly and nice to my been-shopping-way-to-long children. I just hate the little things that kill a couponing high!

Also that is why I prefer to shop alone :)

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