Monday, May 3, 2010

Albertsons Double Ideas

Went to Albertsons to do some shopping for my House Party and take advantage of the doubles. My first transaction I did the Arrowhead water deal, it worked fine, but just be aware that they will charge you the bottle deposit (in Oregon at least), which is $1.40 per case, so it adds $5.60!
:( Anyway good double ideas:
  1. Capri Sun Sunrise $2, use $1 from 4/25 SS=FREE!
  2. Tropicana 2 for $5, use $1/2 from 4/25 RP=$1.50 each
  3. Welch's $3, use $1 from$1
  4. Old Orchard $1.29, use $1/4 from cents each

*Don't worry, this is like a several week's worth of juice for us!

Don't forget about the 75 cent coupon for Mission Tortillas (link in main Albertson's post), stacked with the 79 cent in ad coupon=4 cent tortillas!

Today, I just did two transactions because I was trying to use my $10 off $110 purchase. My estimate was a little off though and I ended up at $95. I asked if she could "freeze" my transaction, while I went to get $15 worth of meat. She said, "NO!" I just starred at her like you have got to be kidding and fumingly paid. I should have called up the manager to ask...but at this point there were at least 3 exasperated customers behind me in the express lane. It is going to bug me for awhile though! GRRRR! Anyway, the reason I am telling you this is...

Let me know your tips for doing "multiple" transactions. I HATE doing them at my store, because I usually end up having to go to the same ornery cashier and then I tie up the "express lane", then I get the "look..." I always go early in the morning, so that is the only lane open. I hate the hassle and feeling like a criminal! Tell me your secrets, please!!


  1. I hate experiences like that! My only advice is to not care what other people think!! You'll never see them again - except maybe the cashier, and she's doing her job (not well though apparently!) So what House Party are you doing this time?

  2. I just learn which cashiers are good and avoid the others as much as possible. The only times it goes really well doing lots of transactions is when my favorite cashiers are working. I haven't been getting the double coupons lately though, so I haven't had to deal with it lately.