Thursday, May 6, 2010

Homemade Veggie and Fruit Trays

This Saturday is my second house party! I will post more on it later. I have been shopping/preparing/cleaning all week to get ready. Today I went to pick up a few more food items. Since we were going to have around 30 family members, I planned on purchasing fruit and veggies trays. I knew they were more, but I wanted convience. They were $14.98 each!!!

For similar to this...

So I decided to make my own... Fruit tray...

  1. Clemetines 5 pounds $6.98
  2. Strawberries 4 pounds $4.48
  3. Grapes 2 1/2 pounds $6.35
  4. Pineapple $3.48
  5. Reusable Tray $1

Total: $22.49 (yes more than the tray, but for almost 12 pounds of fruit, plus the pineapple, there will be way more than can fit on one tray!)

Veggie Tray:
  1. Celery $1.48
  2. Broccoli $4.99 (2 pounds)
  3. Tomatoes $2.50
  4. Peas/Carrots $2
  5. Reusable Tray $1

Total:$11.97 for way more food (I could have even went cheaper with a head of broccoli, but these are ready to go for my husband's lunch.)

*Now, I know that some of this produce is higher priced and not in season right now, so it is still expensive to do trays, but how ridiculous that they mark the pre made trays up that high! I won't be buying those again. How do you save on entertaining?

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