Friday, May 14, 2010

Rite Aid Wellness-watch your totals!

I love the Wellness random discounts, however, it can mess with your totals so be aware. Your total will probably be lower, so you might have to buy more items to use the $5/$25 coupons. Also this week I had some Free Nabisco Cookies coupons from Facebook, so I was going for the $2 SCR off $10. However they rang up 80 cents less than what was marked on the aisle, so I was $1.60 ish short on meeting the rebate. Luckily, I have one more coupon that I can use. I just wanted you to be aware if you are going for a total amount spent SCR, you might want to include a $1-2 buffer so you are at the right amount even after the discounts. Tricky Rite Aid, tricky...

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  1. I noticed this yesterday when I went. I had it planned to spend just about $20 even and then Maggie talked me in to a candy bar (or two.) I was super glad I picked up the candy bars cause it was just barely $20. It was such a super good deal! I got 2 boxes of tampons, 2 Old Spice body wash, 2 bags of cough drops, 2 bags of TGIF snacks and 3 (ok she talked me in to three but only cause I had coupons) and I paid out of pocket $1.31!! and I get $4 back in SCR. Awesome! (Oh and the cashier passed on some overages to me too which helped!)