Monday, May 17, 2010

What is up with all this diaper craze?

All right, I am sure you noticed the huge surge of $3 Huggies coupons last week. If you missed out, head on over to and start printing. Also you can become a fan of Huggies on facebook to get more $3 coupons. I am sure it has something to do with all the Pamper's New Cruisers issues. There are claims being made that the new Cruisers cause severe diaper rash and even chemical burns?! I have not noticed this, but my daughter has sensitive skin anyway, so it is hard to tell where the dry patches stem from. Have any of you had trouble with the new Cruisers? I am assuming that soon we will see a Pampers brigade of coupons and deals also, to try and fix this PR problem.

Anyway, so I went off the use these high value Huggies coupons, first I went to Rite Aid. They have Huggies on sale for $8.99, plus buy 5 packs, get a coupon for a free pack. I saw these "limited edition" Jeans diapers and was super curious...

They are cute, but I am still a little confused at why? I guess to look cute in the summer! Strange, but adorable! What do you think?

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Then I went to Fred Meyer to try the buy $15 worth of Huggies get $3 catalina. There is also an in ad coupon that makes them $7.99 a pack, plus the $3 coupons and then getting back a $3 cat...what a deal. Except of course, it didn't work for me. (Fred Meyer customer service working on it for me.) Later, I read this post from Frugal Chic Living and realize it may have been because I bought Little Movers. Read what Crystal wrote if you want a smooth transaction. This promo should run at all Kroger stores and will roll. Hopefully the bugs will get worked out and it will work better. If it doesn't print, I would reference the ad on page 12 of the Fred Meyer coupon booklet and head to customer service. It was also an ad in the Smart Source, right next to the Huggies coupons. It says nothing about certain types of products being excluded either. Anyway, still worth a try, $9.98 for two packs of Huggies is a great price!

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  1. I went to Smith's today to have a little fun with double coupons and also to see if they had the Jean's diapers. They didn't have them so I didn't do the deal today. i'm going to try a differnt Smith's tomorrow. I think they are fun!