Monday, July 12, 2010

All You Grocery Challenge, Week 3

I did much better this week and stayed within my budget. Here is the breakdown:

Sunday (4th of July):

  • Breakfast: cereal/oatmeal, milk
  • Lunch: Vegetable Beef soup, Grilled Cheese, milk
  • Dinner: BBQ with extended family, we brought the meat from our freezer!
  • Spent: $9.25 for buns


  • Breakfast: cereal/oatmeal, hot chocolate
  • Lunch: PBJs, carrots, root beer
  • Dinner: meatloaf, baked potatoes, corn, green beans, lemonade
  • Spent: $15.76 at Fred Meyer for grocery basics


  • Breakfast: cereal/oatmeal, juice
  • Lunch: tuna fish sandwiches, watermelon, juice
  • Dinner: Sheppard's pie, green salad, rice pudding, milk
  • Spent: $30.56 at Albertsons for produce and basics


  • Breakfast: cereal/oatmeal, juice
  • Lunch: dinner leftovers, watermelon, juice
  • Dinner: Pizza Hut and slushes, (too hot to cook and too busy cleaning for open house on my house)
  • Spent: $25 at Pizza Hut


  • Breakfast: cereal/oatmeal, juice
  • Lunch: leftover Pizza, salad
  • Dinner: chicken enchildas, and birthday cake at my nephew's party


  • Breakfast: cereal/oatmeal, juice
  • Lunch: PBJs, watermelon, milk
  • Dinner: kids, mac-n-cheese, me and hubby went to the buffet at the Casino
  • Spent: $3.58 at Fred Meyer for almonds, $35 at buffet


  • Breakfast: cereal/oatmeal, juice
  • Lunch: mac-n-cheese, watermelon, milk
  • Dinner: hamburgers, fries, lemonade

Total Spent: $119.15 (about $6 under budget)

Pretty good week, two things I have noticed. My husband spends more than I do and we spend a lot more than I realized on going out. That is why I like to do the challenge, it helps me realize where my spending needs to improve.

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