Friday, July 23, 2010

Healthy Baby House Party

This party wasn't through, but I did get a house party through seventh generation and YoBaby yogurt. Included in my party pack, coupons for yogurt, diapers, cleaners, wipe samples, detergent samples, and dish soap samples. I packaged them all together in a mini tote.
Then we handed them out at playgroup at our local park.
My daughter loved being in charge of handing out the "gift bags"
I also got 6 coupons for FREE yogurt from Stoneyfield Farms, (we shared the yogurt for the playgroup snack) Free disinfecting wipes, and Free seventh generation diapers. I had never tried eco diapers before and I must say I am more impressed than I thought I would be. Thanks again to the companies who make these house parties possible.


  1. I try to get those house parties all the time and never get picked! You must just be really lucky!

  2. Brooke, keep trying! Really sale yourself on your entry form and try to think up a creative twist on how your party will be different. Also, once you are chosen, be sure to post and upload pics on their site. I think that once you have been chosen and participate online, you have a better chance of being picked again.