Friday, July 30, 2010


There are some new houseparties that have just been posted and some are ready to enter.
  1. Capri Sun
  2. Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese
  3. My Thai Kitchen
  4. Beyblade Let it Rip

Head on over to houseparty for your chance to hold one of these fabulous parties. What is houseparty? It is a way for companies to promote new products through word of mouth. As a host, you will get a party pack with coupons, samples, and other fun freebies to share with your guests. There is no selling, sales pitch, or gimmicks, just free stuff to share with friends. This is also a great way to try new products for cheap or even free. Here are some tips to get a party:

  1. Make sure to "sell" yourself on your application. Especially any spaces that are short answer type questions. Think about something unique that you will do for your party.
  2. Enter lots!! You can enter each party only once, but there is no limit on the number of parties you can enter. I recommend entering each one that interests you.
  3. Once you get selected, participate online. Post comments, photos, and links to your blog. Encourage guests to do the same. If you are a guest at a party, participate online too.
  4. Remember to honor the houseparty ideal and have a party and share the samples and coupons. Who doesn't love a party, especially one with coupons involved.
  5. Keep trying, persistence pays off. I have entered 26 parties since last fall and won four (one through another site). Good luck.

PS, a few of these parties are sponsored by Kraft First Taste. This is another program that is great to sign up for. You will get high coupons (mail and printables), samples, recipes, meal ideas, and opportunities to try new products. Also be among the first to know about Kraft First Taste House Parties.

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