Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kmart Day 1

*My son wanted to be in the picture :)

Yesterday was crazy and Kmart Double Action didn't happen :( Today I went and both the manager and cashier knew EXACTLY what was going on! Kudos! Here is my transaction:

  • Venus razors $6, use $2 from 6/6 and 7/4 P&G=$2 each (going to have to give some of these away to sisters, sisters-in-law, etc)

  • Pantene stylers $3.50, use $2 from 6/27 Parade (no overage at Kmart)=Free!

  • Pringles filler and bribe tool :)

  • Swiffer stuff to get me over $35, (yes, I know I hate Swiffer, but I still have one and it is a quick way to clean up my rental for house hunters!)

  • Used $5 of $25 Health and Beauty purchase coupon that I got out of the catalina awhile back.

  • Total $14.18, plus got back a $10 catalina=$4.18

Now, I know that I could have gotten a lower out of pocket, but I was buying things I would use. I am going to go back and see if I can get some cheap/free products that we actually use in the next few days.

There are in store tearpads with info on the P&G catalina, spend $35 get $10 catalina back. This WILL NOT roll, because you can't use the coupon until next week. Anyway, here are all the details, click on to make bigger.

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