Friday, November 12, 2010

Costco Comparison

I did a little comparison shopping at Costco this week, here is what I found. We were OUT of toilet paper, usually our family prefers Cottonelle, so I looked for a coupon (only found 0.50/1) an headed to the store. I bought a 12 pack for $11.99 minus coupon (highway robbery!!). Later at Costco I saw an 30 roll pack of Charmin for $18.99. Score one for Costco!
Baby Wipes(for you Nicole): last week at Albertsons after coupons and catalinas I was able to get 1080 Pampers wipes for $14.95. Costco had 1000 Huggies wipes for $23.99 and 900 Kirkland brand wipes for $18.99. I have yet to try Kirkland brand, but I have heard they are superior, however if you are not brand specific I still have to give this one to Albertsons.

Pop Tarts: Albertsons has this deal were you buy 10 packs of 12 count Pop Tarts, get 2 movie tickets and $10 in concessions cash. They are priced at $2.50 and you can use the $1/3 coupon from Plus they have a catalina for buy 5 get $4 catalina. So, you would spend after coupons and catalinas $14 for 120 Pop Tarts (not including the movie items) at Costco 48 Pop Tarts are $7.89. Always assuming you need 120 Pop Tarts...I would be sick of them for sure by then.
Final Score: Costco: 1, Albertsons: 2!


  1. LOL!!! I don't care if I pay more, I love me some Kirkland baby wipes. :)

  2. I still plan on trying them sometime...but I have plenty for now. LOL