Tuesday, November 9, 2010

House Party: Perler Beads!

House Party is a fun and exciting program that sends you party kits and lets you share freebies, samples, prizes, and coupons with family and friends. (To read my posts about previous House Parties and more info click here). On Saturday, we held a house party for Perler Beads. I made it a mother/daughter party. Here are the "bead kits" each kid got. House Party provided everything but the bag.

Table set up with iron...you iron the beads to fuse them together.

A party must have snacks, veggies, fruit, and chocolate chip cookies.

A couple of the finished projects. The kids LOVED doing this! It was a fun afternoon, with friends. Looking forward to another one.
Want to have your own House Party? Currently you can apply for:
  1. EA SPORTS Active 2 Fitness Through Fun House Party
  2. Kraft Food First Taste: Athenos
  3. American Ninja Warrior 2 Sneak Peak

*House party is a little slow around the holidays, but there are lots events coming, and previews are available for parties through March!

Good Luck! I have nothing but positive things to report about House Party, what a great program! My husband and kids even look forwards to helping me host them!

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  1. I applied for the Just Dance 2 Wii House party and I was even selected as a finalist, but I didn't check in soon enough, they only took the first so many people! I was so bummed cause I really wanted that game! I haven't applied for any since then cause I'm still sad about being too slow!