Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fred Meyer Challenge Butter Deal

Here is the scope on the Challenge Butter Deal. This weeks ad has Challenge Butter 3 for $5, you can used 0.55/1 from coupons to come to sweeten the deal. Once you buy 3...the packages have coupons inside for 0.75/1 any Challenge Butter and $1/1 Tuscan Butter Tub. So, after buying this scenario for cheap butter.

  • Buy 3 Challenge Butter
  • Buy 3 Tuscan Butter
  • Use Fred Meyer 3 for $5 coupon (this weeks ad)
  • Use Fred Meyer Tuscan Butter 99 cents coupon (monthly coupon book)
  • Use 3 0.75/1 from package
  • Use 3 $1/1 from package (cashier will have to adjust it to 99 cents)
  • =$2.75 for all the butter above! (Plus you have more coupons in your packages)

*Please note the Tuscan tubs contain garlic and herbs, so not really a "cooking" or "jam" type spread, but great for rolls. Also the Roseburg Fred Meyer was out of "salted" butter until tomorrow. Deal runs through Saturday. Tuscan Butter deals will go for a few more weeks.

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