Friday, November 12, 2010

Rite Aid Recap

Check the bottom of your receipts! I just noticed my 20% off Gold+ level discount is through 12/31/2011!! The bad part is, I continue to forget when I buy items not on sale, like the Fructis Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Kit, I forget to factor in the sale price. So, I got it for a 20% off, but because I was under the $15 for Garnier purchases, I didn't get the $5 + UP. Hopefully it is a preggo brain thing and I will remember next time. I am excited to try this product though and review it for you...have to be after the baby comes though! :)
A couple of things to keep in mind. There is a new video values video which will get you a coupon for the Flu coupon booklet. Just watch the video and then take the coupon to the pharmacist and they will give you the booklet with over $120 of Rite Aid (stackable!!) coupons.
Rumor has it that the Gift of Savings program is coming back at the end of November. This is a great program and nearly every purchase qualifies. More details to come soon.
  1. Added $10 from a gift card (Dental Health one)
  2. Spent $7.29 on this gift card
  3. Retail amount to date: $2229.21
  4. Amount spent out of pocket in 2010: $208.95

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