Friday, December 3, 2010

HOT Baby Star 50% off + Free Shipping

Baby Star just released a new coupon code! I ran across Baby Star with my last baby. They have ADORABLE clothes that are made out of natural and organic materials. They are very high quality and quite pricey normally. I love their bright, funky prints. They are also a company based out of Portland, Oregon, so you are supporting a Northwest company. Here is my daughter (2 years ago) in a Baby Star outfit! She got compliments everywhere we went! If you head to Baby Star Sale they have several options already marked down. You could get 2 pants and 2 onesies ($14.99 each) after discount $14.99 for 4 items. They also have 4 "grab bag" options, each comes with a tote bag plus 3-4 other items. Some even have Simple Shoes, which are regularly $24.99 by themselves. You can get these grab bags for $32-$38 (shipped), regularly priced at up to $144 plus shipping! Just enter the code: FESTIVE at checkout to get free shipping and 50% off any order over $25!

UPDATE: you might have to enter FESTIVE twice, once for 50% off and once for free shipping. Make sure it is all capitals!

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