Saturday, December 4, 2010


One of the biggest challenges for me since I started couponing, has been getting the Sunday coupon inserts. Let me explain, first I don't like to buy things on Sunday for religious reasons. Second, our local paper, only carries the P&G and that is not regularly. The "big" paper goes through a distributor and costs $17 a month for delivery and of course I can order more than one paper...for an additional $17 per month! So I am stuck buying it at a corner newsstand on Sunday (for $2.50 each), or hoping I can find one on Monday. Plus I still have to purchase the local paper to get the ads! Huge headache!

Then I found an online distributor, but they only mailed out once a month, so buy the time I got the coupons, some of the deals were gone and some of the coupons were even expired.

Then I found
Madcoupons. It has solved this dilemma for me! They mail out 10 of each insert (so weeks with three you get 30!) for only $10.50 per week. You can also order monthly, the monthly priced is based on the number of weeks the inserts come out, so it varies from $21-$42. The best part is they mail out the coupons on Saturday or Monday, so you still get the coupons the same week! I usually get mine on Wednesday afternoon, so I still have plenty of time to hit the sales! Head on over and read the details and see if this is a good option for you. If you think 10 inserts is too many (it really is a lot...) you can always divide the order with a friend or two when they arrive. You can order each week or each month and see if it is a fit for you. It does not automatically renew.

*If anyone is Roseburg area would like to "split" an order, please contact me. We are working on getting some "share orders" going.

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