Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rite Aid Recap

Funny story to tell you...remember how when I went on Thanksgiving, the cashier adjusted my "free" coupons by subtracting the amount of + Up rewards, so I was just getting them for free, not a money maker. Well, I wrote a nice email to corporate just asking if this was a new policy I didn't know about, I don't want to be breaking rules or informing people wrong. Anyway, they wrote back and said that she should have given me the full purchase price of the item off, not the purchase price minus the + Ups. This was fine with me, I had my answer and knew I was doing things right.

When I went to Rite Aid yesterday, the cashier that helped me before was looking for Hershey's Pot of Gold for me (FYI: both Roseburg stores out and have been since Thanksgiving ...) and she said, "By the way, we owe you a $2 refund from those coupons before." Vindication! But just so you know, every email you write to corporate does get sent right back to the store, which is a good thing. Although I never intended for anyone to get singled out, it is nice to have the policies clarified for everyone.

  1. Added $2 refund to my envelope ;)
  2. Spent $1.10 from my cash envelope (my gift of savings is sad...)
  3. Retail amount to date: $2509.05
  4. Amount spent out of pocket in 2010: $240.90

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  1. I'm guessing you heard the news that Rite Aid has changed the Gift of Savings program so they aren't deducting manufacturers coupons from that toatals now! Yay!! Now I've earned $5 and should get to at least $10 easily!